5 Eye Relaxation Exercises that Actually Work to Improve Your Vision

eye relaxation exercises
With so much of our time spent staring at screens, our eyes are often tired at the end of the day. This time spent in front of screens negatively impacts our vision. Not only does the blue light negatively affect our eyes, the screens themselves cause immense strain on our eye muscles. It's important to take care of our eyes, and there are many ways to promote better vision.

It's very easy to promote better vision through eye relaxation exercises. When our eyes grow lethargic from staring all day, it can dull our vision. By utilizing eye relaxation exercises, we are waking up our eyes and promoting better vision. These exercises stimulate the eyes and are simple enough to become a daily routine in order to improve your vision. By following these five exercises, your eyes will benefit immensely.

5 Eye relaxation exercises that work

1. Palming

2. Focusing

3. Looking left to right

4. Figure eight

5. Eye rolling

1. Palming

This is an easy exercise to add to your day. The exercise involves placing your hands over your eyes, gently cupping them with light pressure. Keep your eyes closed and maintain the position for 30 seconds. The warmth from your hands will be soothing to your eyes. Slowly open your eyes again to readjust to the light. This relaxation exercise gives your eyes a break from screens and harmful blue light, and helps to reduce eye strain. It is especially useful when your eyes are feeling tired.

2. Focusing

Another simple exercise that can be added to your daily routine to help promote better vision. First, hold your thumb up to your face and focus your eyes on it. Next, slowly move you thumb away from your vision and move your focus onto an object that is approximately 5-10 feet away from you. Then move your focus onto something that is 20 feet away. Repeat this cycle a few times. This eye exercise promotes healthy vision by utilizing the inner eye muscles and keeps your eyes from getting sluggish.

3. Looking Left to Right

This is a very straightforward exercise that can be done anytime. Keeping your head still and straight, look to the furthest spot left that you can without moving. Focus on that spot for about 5 seconds. Look forward and blink to reset. Then look to the furthest right that you can, holding for 5 seconds. Return to the forward reset and blink. Repeat at least 3 times. This eye relaxation exercise helps with strengthening the muscles in your eyes.

4. Figure Eight

This is a simple eye tracing exercise. Look straight ahead and, using only your eyes, trace an imaginary sideways eight that is several feet away from your face. Do it slowly and smoothly. Try doing it several times, a few times clockwise first, then a few times counterclockwise. This relaxation exercise will aid in flexibility in your eye muscles and help to improve your vision.

5. Eye Rolling

This is another simple eye relaxation exercise. First, keep your head straight. Then, slowly move your eyes in a circle, looking to the right, then to the ceiling, then to the left. Try to be as smooth as possible in this movement. Do this three times in a clockwise circle, then close your eyes for a break. Do it three more times counterclockwise. This exercise will give your eyes a break and a much needed stretch.
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By using these simple eye relaxation exercises, you can help to combat the negative effects that technology has on our eyes. Adding these exercises into your daily routine will help to improve your vision and give your eyes a break from harmful screens and blue light. You can also aid your eyes by utilizing apps or browser extensions like Night Eye to help reduce eye strain through blocking blue

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