Baidu Dark Mode – How to enable it in 2 easy steps

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The Baidu website, like most websites, has no built-in dark mode. Thanks to Night Eye, you can now enable smooth dark theme and get rid of that eye-burning bright background of Baidu.

However, choosing the Baidu dark mode isn’t just visually appealing. There are many other amazing benefits of choosing to have a Baidu dark theme over the burning white background. This article will talk about how to set-up the Baidu dark mode, the many benefits backed by research, and the right moments to use it. 

How to Setup the Baidu Dark Mode

For regular Baidu users, you can get the Baidu dark mode for your favorite web browser. The Night app extension works seamlessly in any browser of your choice, helping you enable the Baidu night theme easily,

Follow the steps here to enable this free dark mode solution on your browser:

  • At the bottom of this article you can find a download link or go to your browser’s extension marketplace and search for “Night Eye.”
  • Click on the icon that represents your browser to begin the process of enabling the dark mode on your browser. For example, if you use UC Browser, then click the icon that represents UC browser
  • Clicking the icon will automatically redirect you to your browser extension store
  • Here you can select ‘Add,’ and that’s it! You are all done!
  • Night Eye will automatically convert any website you open and will enable dark mode for it.
  • Now go to and try it out; you will love the gorgeous and stunning Baidu dark theme that comes in view.

Why Is It Important To Have Dark Mode On Baidu?

We use the Baidu search engine for countless tasks, ranging from searching for encyclopedia materials, booking train and flight schedules, accessing shopping reviews, chatting, microblogging, watching videos, and even checking out the local, national and international news. It’s no surprise; we often find ourselves on that Baidu for 10 to 15 hours at a time. When we do this on a glaring white background that constantly makes us squint at the screen, we end up pissed and stressed-out, with dry, itchy eyes accompanied by headaches. If we do this continuously, we risk developing consistent headaches, migraines, and eyesight issues that can be avoided.

If you find this happening to you, you need to make a simple but impactful change by installing the Night Eye dark mode extension. Take deliberate steps today to safeguard your eyes by transforming your browser into a dark and beautiful screen that’s so easy to use. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Dark Mode?

Protecting your eyes when surfing on Baidu is the number one advantage of switching to the Badu dark theme, but there are other benefits. Below, you will find other unique reasons you should choose the dark mode. 

  • Dark mode helps promote health and wellbeing by preventing migraines, headaches, eyesight issues, and undue stress, which is common among avid computer users 
  • With Baidu night mode, you can say goodbye to dry and painful eyes from staring at too many blazing white and blue screens 
  • It helps eliminate insomnia, which has been linked to higher melatonin levels released when we look at white or blue screens for too long.
  • Your eyes will also get less tired so that you can consume content for longer periods. 
  • You won’t have to pressure your eyes when using your smart devices in low-light conditions.
  • The dark mode is also super beneficial for people with visual impairment or light sensitivity.
  • Dark mode can also help you focus more on your work
  • It can also prevent overstimulation of the ganglion cells in the eyes and inhibit myopia


When To Use Dark Mode

Dark mode can also help prolong the battery life, especially if you choose an OLED screen. Some people find that dark mode works for them, no matter the day’s task or time. But, you might wonder about the proper times to use the Baidu dark theme. Below you will find several examples that apply to everyone.

  • If you work at night when all is dark around you, then having a dedicated  Baidu night mode prevents you from hurting your eyes
  • Baidu dark theme is also excellent for dimly lit or dark room rooms.
  • If you love reading via your Baidu browser before going to bed at night
  • Baidu dark mode is beneficial for looking at pictures or streaming video content so you can enjoy the vibrant and colorful visuals in a spectacular way
  • It is also highly beneficial for people who carry out audio-visual work as it allows audio-visual content to pop up without distractions.
  • You will love the Baidu dark theme if you have certain eye conditions such as photophobia and others.

Install Night Eye

No credit card, no names, nothing is required – install Night Eye on your preferred browser and enjoy it completely for free for 3 months. Subsequently, you can stick with the free Lite version or subscribe for $9 per year. You can see for yourself how this dark mode browser extension can help you fight eye strains.

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