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The content of the BBC

BBC is the best public service broadcaster that is becoming popular day by day due to its extraordinary and exceptional content and programs. It not only gives information about the world but also delivers world-class education and entertainment content for millions of people in the UK and around the world. Moreover, it consists of ten fantastic and well-known radio networks and speech radio that offers the most exceptional broadcasting of live music across the UK. For providing essential and distinctive services to the radio audience, the British broadcasting organization features dominant radio stations not only at the local level but at the national level as well. Moreover, the platforms of news, sports, sounds and weather of the BBC are fantastic and are providing excellent digital services.

BBC website and apps dark mode

BBC is literally on every platform serving any audience. What we are mostly concerned are the mobile apps and the website. Sadly neither of those offers dark ui which can help you read at night or in low-light environment. With the constantly increasing screen time, we need dark mode more than ever, but one of the largest media companies is slow to adapt to the dark theme trends. This is where Night Eye comes in really handy.

Night Eye is a browser extension that enables dark mode on nearly any website. It works with all major desktop browsers and costs literally pennies considering the health benefits form using it.

Does it work on mobile?
Sadly no, at this moment, Night Eye can be used only on desktop browsers.

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Short profile of the visitors

The content of BBC provides information, entertainment and education to people of all ages. Through the BBC, every person can get to know about various diverse subjects of life. In the UK, the biggest audience of this public service broadcaster is children and teenagers who find its educational content very inspiring and engaging. This corporation has partnerships with many institutions due to which its target audience can discover some new subjects. Whatever the output is, whether it is news, sports, weather, etc., people from all over the globe enjoy its every single service and production. So, we can say that it has its audience from around the world as well. In short, BBC helps in enhancing the wellbeing of the UK.

Interesting facts about the BBC

BBC did not report the news one day The BBC has a monopoly on the British for reporting news. But back in the year 1930, the BBC did not report any news. It was Friday, and the BBC said that we have no story. Instead, it played the music of piano for the next few minutes.

The April Fools segment of BBC
Once, the April Fools segment of BBC reported that you could harvest the spaghetti from a spaghetti tree by putting it in a jar of tomato sauce. People could not recognize that it was an April fool.

Online Language Classes
BBC also provides free online classes of language.

The History of BBC

BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. It is the world’s oldest and most significant public service broadcaster. A Royal Charter established it. At the launch of BBC in 1922, its name was British Broadcasting Company. Afterwards, in the year 1929, it was given the name, British Broadcasting Corporation. The headquarters of this corporation is in London. BBC has the most significant number of employees that is why it is known as the largest national broadcasting organization in the world. The portfolio of this British Broadcasting Corporation includes various television services. These services include BBC One, BBC Three and several channels, especially for children. BBC One is its most seen channel across the United Kingdom, and BBC Three is its amazing and phenomenal youth service program, which is online. Moreover, it also telecasts various regional and national TV programs and services across the UK.