Brave Dark Mode – How to get the best dark mode available [2024]

Brave Browser dark mode

What is Brave?

Brave is privacy oriented Chromium based web browser that continues to grow in terms of user base. It is available on every platform you can think of.

Brave is focused on Privacy

Founded by one of Mozilla Project co-founders - Brendan Eich, it attempts to revolutionise the already out of control ad tech industry. The browser comes with a built-in ad blocking technology that works depending on the users preference. Instead of completely shutting down all ads, it allows the users to accept minimal and relevant ads for small amount of BAT (Basic Attention Token).After earning some tokens, the user can use the funds to support websites or content publishers they prefer. After all, if all ads are blocked, eventually the websites we love reading will cease to exist.On the other hand, if you prefer you can keep the BAT for yourself or completely turn off the reward system and block all ads.This is one of the key features we, at Night Eye, love about Brave and use it on a daily basis. It gives you control over the ads and completely blocks the tracking.

Brave is fast

Literally it is really fast. Because it removes the tracking features of the ads, it loads pages faster than any other browser. Check out the video published by Brave comparing the page loading speed for several popular websites using the two most popular browsers - Chrome, Firefox and of course Brave.You don’t have to trust the video, install it and try it yourself.

Brave is like Chrome, but not really

It is much faster, it does not drain your laptop battery like Chrome and is private. You can think of it as ANTI-Chrome.

How to enable Brave dark mode

Unlike the other Chromium based browsers such as (Vivaldi and Yandex), Brave lacked the Chrome Extensions until recently. Nowadays you can enjoy all available extensions on the Chrome Web Store using Brave by simply going to

Step 1 - Install Night Eye
Step 2 - Enjoy the dark mode on nearly any website you visit

It will run automatically and the default settings are pretty much sufficient for you to have consistent dark mode while browsing the internet.

Better Dark mode for Brave

For some of the users, often referred to as power users, the default settings are merely a start. Night Eye offers variety of customisation options such as:

Schedule dark mode - set certain time period during which the extension to be enabled and when to be disabled. This comes handy mainly for web designers, UX/UI and all other professions where the exact color of the web page must be visible.

Filters - Blue light filter, dimming, contrast and etc can be applied to provide even healthier environment for the eyes. On top of that, each filter can be applied globally (for every website that is being visited) or to the particular one (Facebook for example)

Color customisation - although still in its early testing phase, this feature gives the user to opportunity to change the colors of the webpages.

Concluding words on Brave and why we like it

It offers more control to the user by blocking the ads and tracking scripts, it offers better speed and lower power usage. Last but not least, it finally has proper dark mode. What else could you ask from a modern day browser?