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The post aims to offer you some interesting facts and history about the world leader of online news and information known as CNN (Cable News Network) and give you an idea how it looks CNN with dark mode enabled. If you are in a hurry watch the video below to get CNN dark mode.

History of CNN

CNN stands for Cable News Network. As the name suggests, it is a famous American news channel that was first launched in the year 1980 by Ted Turner – an American media entrepreneur and philanthropist. He discovered CNN as a part of his broadcasting system known as Turner Broadcasting System (TBS). TBS still owns CNN. CNN is going more active day by day. 


CNN is the first news channel that provides live news coverage 24 hours a day and seven days a week. In the early years, this fantastic and well-known news network broadcasted the news from the studios of New York City, Los Angeles and Washington. But now, it has a global system that delivers news to more than 200 states.

The target audience of CNN

CNN has developed a broad audience from all over the world by delivering honest and ethical news reports on time. Approximately 30% of the target audience of this news network is people having an age of 25 to 55 years. About 38% of the audience is the viewers over the age of 65.

A quick overview of CNN Digital (website)

CNN Digital is a great informational website that leads in delivering online news. It does not only gives the glimpse of the event that happened. Instead, it has an expert staff that works seven days a week and 24 hours a day to explain more about that event such as how, when and why the incident happened. CNN Digital believes in informing, engaging and empowering the world. That is why, it tries to provide the news to every corner of the world by having a dedicated and professional team of journalists, technologists, storytellers, developers as well as designers.


According to the research reports, CNN Digital exceeds in the field of journalism as it delivers news at almost all possible places. Thus, it helps in enriching your lives.
Now, CNN has introduced the mobile service by which you can get to know about the news stories on-the-go. It means that you can watch the video clips, live streaming videos, photos as well as breaking news through your smartphones. In addition to CNN mobile service, the website also offers the facility of email newsletters. In this way, you can get the latest news, alerts, headlines and breaking news right into your email address. It does not only deliver the recent news but upcoming news alerts as well.

Interesting facts about CNN

CNN has popular and well-known sister networks
This news channel has famous sister networks. Yes! You read it right. It has a partnership with various cartoon channels such as TNT, Cartoon Network, etc.

CNN was the first to report the news about the sad event of 9/11
Back on 11 September, a reporter of CNN Anchor Carol Lin covered the disastrous event of 9/11. In this way, CNN became the first news channel to report that news.

CNN Dark mode - how and why to enable it

The question why you would benefit from having dark mode enabled has been discussed quite a lot on our blog, but in essence there are 2 main reasons:
- We are spending almost all of our awake hours starring at screens. This behaviour by no means can be healthy and beneficial. The best thing you can do is to take breaks throughout the day and not look at screens (this includes your phone). The second best thing you can do is to enable dark mode while reading, emailing, writing and etc.


Especially if you are working late at night or in darker environment, the dark mode is you best friend that will help you to reduce the eyestrain and prevent any unnecessary headaches. - Looks cool. Let’s be honest, dark mode has been the thing for the past 1 year and will continue to be. Besides the health benefits, it adds nicer look to any website or app.

Who gets the most of using cnn dark mode?
Well, anyone who is spending much time on their computers, but more importantly - writers, students, researchers, journalists and news junkies

How to get dark mode on CNN

All you need to do is to install the Night Eye extension and let it do the rest. Seriously, you don’t need to set up anything. Install it, go to CNN and enjoy the smooth dark mode. You can read as much as you like with dark mode enabled.

Preview of CNN with dark mode enabled by Night Eye