E-TRADE dark mode – reduce eyestrain while trading

e-trade dark mode

E-TRADE is a fantastic electronic brokerage platform where people around the world trade all kinds of financial assets. The absence of a built-in dark mode has been a challenge for most E-TRADE users. But, Night Eye offers a splendid solution. The Night Eye transforms your E-TRADE website into an enriching dark but vibrant screen that goes easy on the eyes. Regardless, there are many other reasons to choose the E-TRADE dark theme. This article will share all those benefits alongside how to enable the E-TRADE dark mode. 

e-trade dark mode

How To Enable The E-TRADE Dark Mode? 

E-TRADE users can now get E-TRADE dark mode for their preferred browser. The Night Eye extension can integrate with most browsers, so it is easy to enable E-TRADE dark theme without hassles.

The steps below would show you how to set up the free dark theme on your browser:

  • At the bottom of this post, you would see links to enable the Night Eye on your browser quickly
  • Select the particular icon that signifies your browser to kick start enabling dark mode on your browser.
  • Once you tap on your browser’s icon, you will be sent to your browser’s extension shop.
  • At this point, click on ‘Add,’ and there you go.
  • Subsequently, any website you open on your browser would instantly carry an astonishing dark theme background.
  • Now go to https://e-trade.com, and you will be thrilled by the calm and eye-catching design that the E-TRADE brings to you. 
e-trade dark mode

Why Is It Important To Have Dark Mode On E-TRADE?

E-TRADE brings together all kinds of trading, research, banking, and investing styles and interests in one fascinating platform. Therefore, active investors, high-net-worth investors, and other types of traders spend extended hours ranging from two to five hours per day navigating all that real-time information to make the best decisions about their portfolio and choices.  Many heavy E-trade users, keeping track of the performance of their financial assets, might spend as much as 10 hours a day. 

There’s no doubt that the E-trade platform is beautifully laid out and easy to use, but without an authentic dark background, that ease of use might become a chore in no time. Before long, we find ourselves fighting undue fatigue, blurred vision, anxiety, and headaches. All this begins from the excessive amount of eye strain that happens as we stare at the stark white-and-purple default theme for hours. If you are a trader spending long hours on the E-trade platform, make a deliberate effort to switch to the dark side. Night Eye helps you enjoy a soothing and dark background that supports your eye health and makes it easier to remain focused on the prize.

e-trade dark mode

What Are The Health Benefits Of Dark Mode?

Safeguarding your eyes as you navigate the E-TRADE website is the primary benefit and goal of choosing the E-TRADE dark mode. Nonetheless, there are other incredible advantages of the dark mode. Below you will find all the great reasons to make the switch to the dark mode today.

  • With the E-TRADE dark theme, you can avert eye fatigue even as you spend hours on your investments. 
  • Avid traders can avoid the challenge of migraines, consistent headaches, heavy stress, and eye problems. So, the dark mode supports your health and general wellbeing.
  • Dark mode gets rid of puffiness, itchy and painful eyes common among users who stare at white and blue lights for a prolonged time.
  • Dark mode makes it easier to read texts so you can research effectively on the platform without straining your eyes.
  • Night mode can avert insomnia, which is caused by unhealthy melatonin levels in the body system. 
e-trade dark mode

When To Use Dark Mode?

e-trade dark mode

Studies show that dark themes can prolong battery life. Millions of people around the world always prefer using dark modes at all times. Though, making use of E-TRADE dark theme would not be comfortable with other people at all times. So, below are the various ways that one can use E-TRADE dark mode:

  • E-TRADE is highly beneficial if you trade or make your investments at night.
  • The dark mode is excellent if you wish to keep track of your assets without hurting your eyes for extended periods.
  • Besides, working at night, E-TRADE dark mode works well in dimly lit or dark environment
  • E-TRADE dark theme expels distraction from the environment by fading away from your background to increase your focus and productivity.
  • The E-TRADE dark mode is perfect for people with high sensitivity to light alongside other unique eye-sight issues.