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Eye strain is a common condition nowadays, that occurs when your eyes get excessively tired. A number of causes can make your eyes vulnerable to fatigue and several symptoms accompany that irritating condition. In most cases, eye strain is not permanent and you will be able to get over it if you give your eyes a proper rest accompanied by simple steps that can reduce eye irritation quickly. So, what are the major symptoms of eye strain?

Undoubtedly, the most common symptom associated with tired eyes is the feeling of soreness and itchiness. You may feel that your eyes are sore, or that they are burning and feel watery. There is also, the chance that you start suffering from double or blurred vision. If you are unable to see things clearly or you feel like it is painful for you to focus on your surrounding, then you should probably start worrying that you have overly stressed your eyes.

In some cases, eye strain can result in your experiencing annoying symptoms in other parts of your body, as well. For example, you may start suffering from mild headaches or feel your neck and shoulders sore and uptight. If you don't give your eyes the rest they are in need of, those headaches may deprive you of the ability to concentrate and focus on daily activities, like studying or reading your favorite book. Furthermore, eye strain has been associated with increased sensitivity to light and movement. If you feel like you have difficulty keeping your eyes open under the sun or in a glowing place, then you should consider providing your eyes with the relief they are in need of.

Why does eye strain occur?

There are several factors that can make your eyes feel strained and tired. Among the most common ones, looking at digital screens for a long period of time and reading for hours without pausing to give your eyes some rest are usual causes of eye strain. Driving a long distance and generally involving yourself in activities that require extended focus, including watching your favorite TV show unstoppably is another major cause of eye strain. Surely, being overly-anxious or stressed (read How does stress affects your eyes).

In each case, the most usual type of activity we dedicate ourselves in, nowadays and that can really damage our vision is looking at digital screens, including our laptop, tablet, or TV for a long period of time. In most cases, we do not even realize how such an activity can make our eyes feel itchy and sore before it is too late. Thankfully, it is quite easy to relieve and even prevent our eyes from feeling tired even after we stay focused on a digital screen for a long while. All you need to do is to enable a browser extension, like the Night Eye in every website allowing the dark mode to do its job and provide immediate relief to our eyes. The extension has a blue light filter, as well that's considered the best solution against the eye strain caused by excessive starring at screens.

Еye strain reliefs

Eye strain may be the result of your focusing on a single activity for too long without a break. Therefore, a good step is to try and shift your focus to something else every once in a while. It is also, important that you find the right lighting for each activity you need to use your eyes. For example, dimming the lights while you are watching TV can effectively reduce eyestrain. Moreover, lighting should come from behind you in case you are reading a book, magazine or just studying your homework. Adjusting the source and intensity of the source of light you are currently using can help reduce eye strain, as well.

If you find yourself extremely tired and unable to keep your eyes open due to fatigue, then it might be a good idea to try using eye drops, like artificial tears. That will make your eyes less dry and irritated resulting in an overall improvement to your current eye strain condition.

It is true that almost everyone is going to experience some type of eye strain once in a while. The modern way of living calls for our focusing on several tasks at the same time and in many cases, we are required to stay focused on our laptop or smartphone screen or even work continuously for a long period of time. That is why identifying the symptoms associated with eye strain is vital in order to take some steps that can help us get over this irritating condition and protect our most valuable eyes.
It is true that once you have found how to deal with stressful conditions, your eyes will turn back to normal. Adopting a healthier lifestyle and making sure you avoid further straining your eyes can be the true keys to coping with this health condition. Most importantly, you need to make sure that whatever stress you may experience at times, there are always ways that can help you fight it off.

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