Night Eye Free WordPress Dark Mode Plugin

Night Eye WP dark mode plugin is the best WordPress dark mode plugin you can find. It comes with a completely free version and a pro version, which offers advanced features. On top of that, you can get the pro version for free.

Night Eye Free

Night Eye Free Features

  1. Dark mode toggle position. Customize the position of the dark mode toggle for both desktop and mobile.
  2. Enable and disable the dark mode toggle.
  3. Your privacy stays intact. Night Eye does not collect, nor store your data. All rights to your data remain yours.
  4. Stellar support. Let us know, if you’ve encountered a bug or missing feature and we’ll try to fix it asap.
  5. Easy to install. Installing and activating the Night Eye dark mode plugin is a piece of cake.
  6. Smart conversion. Night Eye doesn’t just invert the colors, it converts them. This leads to a smooth and consistent dark mode experience.
  7. Works with all popular WordPress themes.

Night Eye Pro

Night Eye Pro Features

  1. All free features.
  2. Schedule dark mode. You can turn off dark mode during the day and schedule it to be turned on during night hours.
  3. Adjust the colors of your website. You can make your site more unique by customizing the color scheme of dark mode.
  4. Change pop-up title and text. Let your visitors know what you want them to know – customize the title & text in the pop-up window.
  5. Choose from three predefined dark themes. Different shades of dark – use the one that fits best with your design. More to come soon.

Night Eye Pro vs. Night Eye Pro Free

You can choose to use the Night Eye Pro Free plan. Everything is absolutely the same as with Night Eye Pro with two small differences.
1. There will be a referral link, leading towards the Night Eye website in the footer (very bottom) of your website.
2. There will be a small Night Eye ad in the dark mode toggle, stating 'powered by Night Eye'.

If you purchase Night Eye Pro both these will not show on your website. You will also be able to write a custom text for the dark mode toggle box.
You can find all about the Night Eye WP Dark Mode Plugin.

Check out our FAQ if you need help using Night Eye WP Dark Mode Plugin.

Feel free to contact us, if you have more questions about our product.