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What Content Should You Share?

Share with the world on which website do you mostly use Night Eye + link to our website.

Check out a couple of examples that you can use if you are not feeling creative at the moment

Example 1: I use Google apps such as Sheets, Docs, Search, Drive & Calendar everyday. Google dark mode is now so easily accessible, I love it! -

Example 2: I like spending a lot of time on Instagram, but I never knew I can enable dark mode on it. Now that I use Instagram dark mode, I feel reborn -

Example 3: Reading Wikipedia has never been more pleasant with dark mode on -

Example 4: Amazon shopping has never been better with dark mode on -

Example 5: When on LinkedIn, make sure to have dark mode ON like I do -

Don’t worry if you can’t pick just one website or want to share something else, do it!

Check our post here -

How to get 1 more free month of Night Eye Pro

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At Night Eye, we continually strive to enhance your browsing experience. We value your feedback and engagement, and as such, we are thrilled to introduce our new monthly reward program.

Here's how you can participate: Each month, we invite you to write a review for the Night Eye browser extension in a different app store or to post about your experience with Night Eye on Twitter or Facebook.

You might start with a review in the Chrome Web Store, highlighting the benefits of Night Eye and how it has improved your browsing experience. In return, we will grant you a complimentary month of Night Eye.

For the following month, you could consider a change of platform. Perhaps share your Night Eye experience on Twitter or Facebook, detailing the positive impact our browser extension has had on your daily internet usage. Again, you'll receive a free month of Night Eye for your effort.

Also, remember to review us on the Edge Web Store or Apple Store in the subsequent months. Each review or post needs to be on a different platform each month.

The exciting part is that with each new month comes a new opportunity to secure another free month of Night Eye. We invite you to regularly engage with us, share your experiences and continue to enjoy our product, courtesy of your active participation in this reward program.

Thank you for your continued support of Night Eye, and we look forward to hearing your valuable insights.

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    If you've written a review, send us the screenshot of your review.


    We will review it and send you a confirmation on the email associated with your Night Eye account.


    The reviewing process usually takes up to 48h, but it can be longer during the summer.


    If something is not clear or you are not sure about how this works, feel free to contact us at [email protected].


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