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Are you looking to use GeekWire with dark mode? Do you love using GeekWire but hate the white background?
Today we will show you how to enable dark mode on GeekWire. We will also tell you why it is a great idea to use the Night Eye browser extension on any major browser to protect your eyes.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is a light-on-dark color scheme. It is often referred to as black mode, dark theme, or night mode. It is simply a color mode that uses light-colored texts and icons on a dark background. The dark background is often black or a dark charcoal color in most instances.
Dark Mode is used today on many platforms, websites, and applications. It is one of the most requested software features for most software available today. It has many benefits which we will go over in a bit..

Benefits of Dark Mode

Dark mode comes with a lot of benefits that you might not know about. We will go over some of the larger pros of using Dark Mode below:

  • It saves energy on computer screens or smartphones that use OLED or AMOLED screens. This is because these screens can literally turn off all the pixels that should be blacked out. This means very little energy is needed to use the device when in dark mode.
  • Dark text on white background is often better or easier to read. However, Dark Mode is better for your eyes. This is because it reduces eye strain drastically. Especially in low light conditions. Without Dark Mode, a lot of screen use can be physically and mentally draining. Using Dark Mode can also stop your eyes from becoming sore too quickly.
  • Dark Mode minimizes the amount of blue light that is emitted from most screens. Blue light can slow the secretion of melatonin which is an important hormone for getting proper sleep. Though it is not a major worry for most, some people have noticed this benefit from switching to Dark Mode.

What is GeekWire?

GeekWire is a technology news site that was founded in 2011. GeekWire follows some of the bigger and more innovative tech companies around the world to bring readers breaking and informative news in the field.
GeekWire also has a few major events with thousands of attendees every year. The website also produces audio podcasts and video shows. The website was started and is owned by journalists, John Cook and Todd Bishop.

What is Night Eye?

Night Eye is a browser extension that enables dark mode on most websites. It is great for GeekWire readers who would like a dark mode adaption to the popular website.

Night Eye is available on all major browsers and it comes with a free trial for 3 months. There is also a completely free version called Night Eye Lite. Night Eye comes with many other customization options that you can use to enhance your online browsing. You can change the available settings for your own needs and preferences.

How to enable Dark Mode on GeekWire with Night Eye

To use Night Eye on GeekWire simply install the Night Eye browser extension on your browser. Once Night Eye is installed you may have to restart your browser.

Go to Make sure Night Eye is enabled on the website by clicking on the browser extension. You may have to add the GeekWire website if using the Night Eye Lite version.

Dark Mode will now be activated on GeekWire.

Happy website browsing with Night Eye!

Preview of GeekWire dark mode by Night Eye

Install Night Eye dark mode now

No credit card, no names, nothing is required - install Night Eye on your preferred browser and enjoy it completely for free for 3 months. Subsequently, you can stick with the free Lite version or subscribe for $9 per year. You can see for yourself how this dark mode browser extension can help you fight with eye strains.
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