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Digital marketers, SEO specialists, and entrepreneurs have been using Google Analytics for years with the hope to gather valuable insights about their customers, goal achievements, and business performance.

It’s an essential tool, indeed. While it may have certain limitations, the one thing that’s always been a major con for me is the lack of a dark theme for Google Analytics.

Google Analytics dark mode is ideal for those late-night working sessions. Analyzing data from GA might be cool, but getting headaches and dry eyes from staring at the white screen...not so much.

Google Analytics Usage Stats

  • 55.1% of all websites use Google Analytics (84.2% market share).
  • More than 13 million sites use Google analytics.
  • Netflix,,,, and all use GA.
  • Google Analytics is used by more than 2.5 million websites in the US.
  • The Hospital & Healthcare industry uses GA the most (231,155 companies), followed by Retail (177,412), and Restaurants (148,092).
  • Companies between 10-50 employees use Google Analytics the most (+1.3 million).

The numbers don’t lie (most of the time) - Google Analytics is preferred by more than half of the websites across the Internet. If industry giants like Netflix and GoDaddy trust and use it, then it’s safe the say it’s the best option out there.

I wonder if any of those companies are using dark analytics? Given the fact they’re driven by innovation and non-stop improvement, I’d bet at least a couple of them giants are looking at their data in a dark theme.

Why use Google Analytics dark mode?

Your first thought is probably that dark mode is just a cosmetic change, not a big deal. The visuals are just the cherry on the cake. Dark mode is much more than that.

You may have never thought about it seriously, but constantly staring at white screens can be fatal for your eyes.

Here are some of the major pros of using dark mode:

  • Better visuals
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Increases concentration
  • Saves energy

  • Still not sure about using Google Analytics dark theme?

    This is the example that will change your mind:
    The image on the right side is much easier on the eyes, isn’t it?

    And here’s how your Google Analytics dashboard can look like if you choose dark mode:
    Looks awesome, right?

    Let me tell you the secret.

    I used Night Eye to get the stunning night mode you see above.

    You can too.

    Here’s the deal.

    How to turn Google Analytics in dark mode?

    Making GA look so good must be a hard and time-consuming effort - not at all. In fact, it’s so easy you can probably teach your dog to do it...with some treats and training.

    Here’s the complete step-by-step process to make Google Analytics dark.
    1. Install Night Eye on your browser.
    2. Go to Google Analytics.
    3. Google Analytics will automatically be converted.
    4. Enjoy the smooth dark theme.

    Wanna know what’s the best thing about the four-step process I just described?

    The same works for every Google-related site.

    In fact, it works for almost every website on the Internet.

    And that’s not all.

    Night Eye offers advanced features like blue light filter, OS color scheme integration, schedule dark mode, brightness & contrast filter, and more.

    Now that you’ve seen how Google Analytics dark mode looks like and how to easily enable a dark theme for Google Analytics...

    What are you waiting for?

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