How to Enable Google Play Store Dark Theme

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The success of Google is not hidden from the world as we have seen it develop through time, and become one of the biggest search engines across the world Google Play Store brought Google Music, Android, and Google eBook store together and launched in 2012, on March 6th. It included an endless variety of apps and games etc.

From movies and TV to Google play music and from Google Playbooks to Google play games; everything was bought under one brand; the Google Play Store. The apps in the Play Store are either free or at a cost. It is extremely easy to use and the apps can be downloaded directly to your Android smartphones, within no time.

Google Play Store is a digital distribution that has been developed by Google and runs the Android market. The applications that are designed and created through Android software development are published by Google, through the play store.

Google Play Store Users

There are 2,714,499 apps available on the play store a the moment and stats show that the number is going to grow significantly by the end of 2022. Almost 3000 apps are uploaded on Google Play Store every day. This might not sound too huge but if you think of these figures adding up, every day, to the play store, you will see that they become massive by the end of a month or year.

Statistics further show that 250 million apps are downloaded per day, through the Google Play Store. In 2018, 50% of the entire world population (that sums up to 3.9 billion people) were found online, on their apps that were downloaded through play store. On average, there are 2.5 billion active users of Google Play Store which is yet again, a massive figure.

What Does Google Play Store Offer?

As mentioned above, the Google Play Store offers free of charge or at a cost application. These apps vary from business to gaming and from lifestyle to editing and music or books etc. the apps are easy and simple to download on Android-based smartphones and laptops as well. People use these applications for a variety of reasons. Some might be taking advantage of them for their business or daily life and some are using the apps as a source of entertainment.

Google Play Store Dark Theme

In October 2019, the news of Google testing dark theme for their play store surfaced around. If you have the 16.18.17 version of Google Play Store then you have the dark mode settings in your device. However, the complication here is that the dark mode is a system-wide version. Samsung Galaxy S9 was the first Android-based phone that launched the dark mode theme on their device. It automatically turned all apps, including Google Play Store to the dark version. Thus, if you have a device running on Android 9, only then, you will be able to access the dark mode on Google Play and your device overall.

Now, a lot of people use the Google Play Store on their laptops or desktops as well. Even if you have Android 9 running smartphone devices, your laptop cannot be turned to dark mode with that. However, we have a smarter solution for all laptop users. You can download Night eye!

Night Eye is a browser extension that allows users to turn dark mode on Google Play Store and other websites as well. Night Eye is trusted by more than 104,000 users to enable dark mode on Google Play Store and literally any other website on the internet. From Google Play Store to Gmail, Google Hangouts Dark Mode and even Facebook you can switch them to dark mode with Night Eye.

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