Help page - Night Eye dark mode extension

Thank you for using Night Eye!

Here are few things you need to know!


1Why do I see some white flashes during browsing?
This could happen during opening a webpage in Dark Mode (if this page was never opened before with Night Eye).
The reason for this is that some websites are built in a certain way to show content before all resources are downloaded.
This is the time when the flashes can occur.
2Can I apply all filters at once?
In Dark mode all filters can be applied at once, but the end result highly depends on the adjustments made by the user.

In Filtered mode the filters for Images and color changes are not available. The rest can be pplied simultaneously.
3How to change the colors of a website?
This feature is still in experimental stage. Any color on the website can be modified, but it requires time to find the right color to be changed. At the moment Night Eye shows all colors that are used on the website. In some cases the list is big enough to hinder the search for the right color.

We are currently developing more user friendly way to change the colors.
4Are there any available shortcuts?
Yes, currently Night Eye has shortcuts for turning on and off the extension on a website.

For Windows and Linux - Alt + 1
For macOS - Command + 1
5How to contact you quickly?
There is built-in support system in the extension. Simply open on it and click the messaging icon.


1What data are you monitoring from the visited pages?
We don't process nor store any data on our servers.
Night Eye analyses in real time the page elements, but not the content.
Night Eye also checks small pictures (icons) and analyses them color wise only - pixel by pixel, without making conclusions for the whole picture of the object.
2Do you collect personal information?
No, no personal information is being collected.
We only keep the settings the user has adjusted for each website such as colors, contrast and etc.
Those are settings for the specific website and NO information is being collected for visiting it.

We only store the URL of a website for which the user has switched Night Eye into Normal mode. This means that for the specific website there are some issues in Dark mode. We only store the URL (for example and will try to fix it with the next update of the extension to improve your experience with it.
3How are the pictures processed ?
The only pictures processed by Night Eye are small sized ones:
  • - icons
  • - repeated background
  • - other small pictures

They are being analysed pixel by pixel and conclusions made for their color structure but not content.

If it is necessary, the colors are being changed, if not, Night Eye leaves the pictures as they are.


How to submit issues with the extension
If you encounter issues with the extension - a feature not properly or a website is not properly converted, we will be more than happy to assist you. You can report problems using the built-in chat support.
To access the support chat, simply open the extension window and locate the icon next to the settings in the top right corner.
The more details you can provide, the quicker we can identify the problem and solve it for you.
Besides some short explanation, in most cases a screenshot and URL is needed.

For screenshots, we recommend using the free service You can upload your screenshots for free and share a download link with us.
2Why some websites are unaffected by Night Eye?
There are 2 types that Night Eye does not support: 1. There are websites on which Night Eye does not work properly and we are doing our best to reduce this number. For example Google Docs is one of them.

2. Other websites that are built via older technologies and consist of numerous background images, pictures as buttons and etc.

Please contact us via the built in support system in the extension for such websites and we will do our best to solve them, if it is technically possible.
3Why there are white spots on the websites?
This is due to light images that are too big to be analysed and converted.
4There are icons that are hard to be seen.
The reason is that some websites use different techniques of showing the icons - we are constantly updating Night Eye and integrating new methods in order to process them properly.

At the moment the extension cannot convert icons that are sitting on large image. In this case Night Eye does not analyse the image and the icons are left unprocessed as well.
5Why the messaging (text fields such as forms) field is white?
There are browser restrictions that cannot be overcame. Some text fields are extremely unique and we are working on solving them.
6Some backgrounds do not change.
The reason is that they are consited of large image/images that are too big to be analysed.
7There is unreadable text
This can happen when there is a text sitting on top of large image. In this case Night Eye changes the color of the text, but leaves the image as it is.

Please contact us via the built in support system in the extension for such websites and we will do our best to solve them, if it is technically possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us via the built-in support system into the Night Eye Extension.