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Amazon is by far the largest e-commerce platform on the planet. It is well-known for the incredibly short (and cheap) deliveries and selling pretty much anything.

Looking for a new TV, but you would like to compare products, brands, read reviews, read more reviews and suddenly you spent at least an hour starring at the bright white screen. It is not a surprise that consumers in the US only spend 10 times more minutes on Amazon than while visiting the rest of the top 10 retailers, combined. (source

Not to mention that if you are on a such research quest, you are most likely doing it late at night after work. For an occasional shopping of some basic household products you might find it quicker doing it on your smartphone, but in most cases you would use your laptop.

Browsing and shopping from Amazon using a desktop or laptop is pretty much the norm for the majority of Amazon customers. 67% of all are doing so. (source

The bottom line is this - people are using their PCs to shop on Amazon and they spend a lot of time. One big issue is that Amazon does not offer a dark mode or any sort of darker UI that can help its visitors reduce the eyestrain they get from spending much time on it.

Amazon Statistics

  • Amazon had a net revenue of $96.15 billion and a net income of $6.33 billion in the third quarter of 2020.
  • 89% of buyers trust Amazon more than any other eCommerce site.
  • There were 150 million Amazon Prime subscribers in 2020.
  • 67% of Amazon users prefer to shop on desktop/laptop

How to enable Amazon Dark Mode

Although there is no official built-in dark mode, you can use Night Eye browser extension instead. It is simple to use dark mode extension that enables dark mode on Amazon and pretty much any website on the internet. It is available for all major browsers and takes literally seconds to get it running.

Amazon Dark Mode: step by step guide

  1. Install Night Eye for your preferred browser. The complete list can be found on our homepage -
  2. Open the extension by clicking on the icon that will appear next to the address bar in your browser
  3. Pick a preferred language (English is set as default)
  4. Enjoy the darkness, your eyes will feel much better now
  5. Visit Amazon
Check out the video guide!

Preview of Amazon Normal View and with Dark mode

If you have Night Eye already installed, you don't need a preview here, just visit Amazon and enjoy the dark mode.
amazon dark modeAmazon-home-page-normal-modeamazon dark mode
amazon dark modeAmazon-normal-mode-product-pageamazon dark mode
amazon dark modeAmazon-normal-mode-product-reviewsamazon dark mode
Night Eye offers many customization options such as blue light filter, contrast filter, brightness filter, color changing feature, schedule dark mode and more. For most people, the default settings are satisfactory enough so at the beginning don’t bother with them. Night Eye will automatically enable dark mode on every website you visit.

For more details on how it works and how to use it, check out our How to Start page
If you have questions, check out our FAQ or simply shoot us a message using the built-in support chat.
To do so, open the extension window and at the top right corner you will see the support chat.

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