How to enable dark mode on old Reddit

Old Reddit Dark Mode

Old Reddit Dark Mode

Reddit is one of the most popular social news sites on the internet. Here you find tons of communities and forums to share meaningful conversations, read fascinating life stories and have the most authentic connections. What primarily makes a great majority of Redditors continue to use the old Reddit is its minimalistic interface. That said, it can quickly get boring and painful to the eyes to keep reading black text on a hurtful white background both night and day. However, thanks to Reddit dark mode, you can continue having meaningful conversations in a soothing dark environment. This guide will share everything you need to know to enable dark mode on Old Reddit. 

Is there a dark mode for the old Reddit?

Unfortunately, there's no built-in dark mode for the old Reddit. This makes it difficult to enjoy the old Reddit at night or in a poorly lit room. So, even as the old Reddit makes the texts larger and increases the contrast, the harsh white glare of the screen is still a problem. It makes the eyes work harder, leading to blurry vision, teary eyes, and headaches after a lengthy period. Thankfully, Night Eye comes to the rescue with a fascinating old Reddit dark theme that increases your delight with the old Reddit platform.

How to enable old Reddit dark mode on desktop?

You can quickly set up and begin using the Old Reddit dark mode from your browser. Night Eye is a fantastic browser extension that transforms Reddit into a beautiful, delightful black screen without washing away texts. You'll find that Night eye also automatically reduces the glare and harmful blue light filters, making it easier to read texts and follow conversations without straining your eyes. Follow the quick steps below to enable Old Reddit dark mode using Night Eye.

  • Go to the bottom of this guide and find icons representing your browser. Choose the icon for your browser (For instance, you should choose the Firefox symbol to download the Firefox Night Eye extension.
  • Clicking on that symbol redirects you to your browser e-store.
  • Now select "Add",. and Night eye quickly works in the background, transforming all open website pages into a gorgeous dark theme. 

Visit and start enjoying your newfound dark theme.

reddit before dark modereddit before dark modereddit before dark mode

What are the benefits of using Old Reddit dark mode?

One of the most profound benefits of the Old Reddit dark mode is that it creates a better environment to stop straining your eyes. Digital eye strain is mainly characterized by awful symptoms such as dry eyes, fatigue, eye discomfort, and migraine. Besides minimizing the risks of digital eye strain, below you will find other excellent benefits of using dark mode on the Old Reddit platform:

Dark mode helps manage vision programs. 

Dark mode reduces the risks of further straining the eyes and worsening uncorrected vision problems. In addition, people with vision problems like astigmatism and myopia may benefit from the cozy dark theme, especially in low-lit environments.

Dark mode makes it easier to fall asleep.

As a night owl who loves scrolling through Reddit at night time, it can be challenging to fall asleep after that surfing event. This is due to the exposure to blue light rays, which tricks the body into believing it's daytime. However, you can cut down exposure to those harmful blue light rays through old Reddit dark mode so that when it's time to sleep, you can do so without struggling.

Dark mode reduces screen headaches.

The harmful white glare of most screens is the culprit behind the enormous headache you feel after hours of surfing the web. Fortunately, dark mode cuts down this glare, and you can further control the brightness and contrast of your screen, thereby reducing the effects of screen headaches. 

Enable dark mode on any website

Sadly not all websites have built-in dark mode. Luckily Night Eye is here to help. Protect your eyes, enable dark mode on any website!
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