How to enable Jira dark mode

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Jira is a great software development and an issue tracking tool that helps in managing and maintaining lists of issues. It one of the most famous developer tools currently available. It keeps a track of reported software bugs in any software development project. This software tool assists all types of software development team to manage their work. In the following post we will have a look at some important facts about Jira, for example, its history, and its target audience as well as its purpose. Moreover, this post also depicts some amazing and interesting facts about Jira along with its dark mode.

The History of Jira

Atlassian develops Jira back in the year 2002 as a project management software and a bug tracking system. At that time, it was purely an issue tracking system and targeted the software developers. Afterward, most of the non-IT organizations used it as an effective project management tool. This app is written in Java programming language. More than 75,000 customers use Jira in 122 countries for tracking software issues and managing the projects. These days, Jira has become so popular that most of the leading software organizations are using it for project management as well as bug tracking.

Short Profile of Jira users

The Jira software helps the teams to plan, assign, track, report as well as manage their work whether it is regarding customer support, managing shopping lists or planning for agile software development. In this way, it targets project managers, software developers, customers, IT managers, site reliability engineers, and service desk agents. Moreover, the business users, non-technical users, incident response teams as well as support agents also use Jira for task management and bug tracking.

What does Jira offers?

Jira offers four packages. These include Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Ops, and Jira Service Desk. All these packages include various agile project management features as well as bug tracking features. Most IT companies and business service desks use their packages for incident management. Now, Jira software has become so popular that it has become the central hub for team collaboration and software coding. It also helps in the software release stage as well.

Interesting facts about Jira

* Jira is a truncation of Gojira which is the Japanese name for Godzilla.

* Jira software is also available in Jira Software Cloud, Jira Software Server, and Jira Software Data Center.

Jira Dark Mode and how to enable it?

UPDATE 28.04.2020
If you haven't heard, recently Atlassian implemented a smooth dark mode on Jira Cloud for Mac. It is crisp and clean. Check out previews here and here.

If you are interested in having dark mode while using the web version of Jira, read further. All you need is our browser extension Night Eye. Night Eye is a browser extension that can enable dark mode on Jira. You can install it on all major browsers. It comes with a free trial of three months. After the expiration of the trial period, you can still use it for free if you switch to Night Eye Lite. Moreover, you can use its pro version that costs only $9 per year. So, enjoy the website without getting eye strain by using the Night Eye browser extension to enable the dark mode on Jira.