How to enable Pinterest dark mode (mobile and web)

pinterest dark mode

Pinterest Dark Mode

Nearly a year ago, Pinterest announced that they were working seriously on improving their mobile website due to serious outrage from their users. People were complaining that the UI of their mobile website is seriously awful.
Like many smart companies, Pinterest took the feedback by heart and made some significant changes the way their mobile website feels, looks and works.

As a side “feature” to the new mobile web experience came the “night mode”.

Although it looks crisp, we are sad to see that it hasn’t been implemented on the desktop, nor the mobile apps (iOS and Android). It is understandable that bringing night mode can take up resources both in terms of human power and money, but the company made the first move. Why stop there? :)
Nevertheless, here are 2 short guides on how to enable dark mode for Pinterest mobile web and desktop web versions. This is as dark as it can gets if you are a Pinterest avid user and dark mode fan.

How to enable Pinterest dark mode on mobile web

Important note - this works ONLY if you are browsing Pinterest through the browser on your mobile phone. The native apps do not offer built in Night Mode.
1. Visit Pinterest and click on your Profile

2. Open Settings
3. Click on Edit Settings

4. Scroll down and enable Night Mode
5. Enjoy the dark UI of Pinterest

Your eyes will thank you, especially if you binge late at night

How to enable Pinterest Dark mode (Desktop)

  1. Click on the preferred browser icon to download and install Night Eye
  2. Night Eye automatically starts converting every site in dark mode. Enjoy!
chrome | Night Eye
| Night Eye
Microsoft Edge Night Eye Installer | Night Eye
safari | Night Eye
opera | Night Eye
| Night Eye
Uc browser night mode | Night Eye
vivaldi | Night Eye
brave logo | Night Eye
coc coc | Night Eye
2. Once the installation is complete, you will be asked to adjust the language settings for the extension.

3. The dark mode is set as default mode for any website you will be visiting from now on, but most importantly Pinterest.

4. There are 3 general modes that you would like to explore

  • Dark Mode - All colors, small images and icons will be converted to give you the smoothest dark experience possible.
  • Filtered - The websites' colors will not be changed, but you can still adjust brightness, contrast, warmth and more.
  • Normal - Get back to the normal browsing experience.

5. You can customise by applying filters, scheduling when Night Eye to work and much more by opening the extension window.
More details about how to use it - How to Start using Night Eye

If you have questions, check out our FAQ or simply message us using the built-in support chat. To do so, open the extension window and at the top right corner you will see the support chat.