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Update 11.03.2019

Some good news have been noticed in the depths of the Internet. Slack is rolling out dark mode on its mobile apps (iOS and Android). Currently it is available only for those, that participate in their beta program.

If you are using iPhone, sign up for Slack Beta Program here -
If you are using Android phone, sign up for Slack Beta Program here -

Keep in mind that you have to be accepted in the Beta Program, before having access to the update with the so long waited feature.

Dark mode is slowly but surely taking over the digital world. What was once color scheme preferred by hackers and geeks, nowadays even teenage girls rave about Twitter’s dark mode.
Slack, once labeled the Email killer, for some reason is slow to catch up with the latest trend. Users prefer dark UI, not only because it is “trendy” or “cool”, but rather because there are health benefits related to it.

Although the company has stated (twitter post here) it is in their roadmap back in 2014, sadly no progress on implementing dark mode has been made. Web, Mobile or Desktop - the bright white background is here to stay.

How to enable Slack Dark mode

There are some ways to do it and we will try to explore them and give you some guidance. Getting blind at 3 am by the bright white background isn't fun, so here is what you can do.

Dark mode for Slack Desktop

On 12.09.2019, Slack silently introduced the much anticipated dark mode for its desktop clients. It has been requested for several years and now it is is a reality.

Dark mode for Slack iOS

The only solution so far is to enable global dark mode (Smart Invert Colours) In order to enable a global dark mode that will affect the Slack app follow those steps:
1. Settings
2. General
3. Accessibility
4. Accessibility Shortcut - It is located at the very bottom of the Accessibility screen.
5. Select Smart Invert Colours.

Now you can enabled and disable the iOS dark mode by clicking the home button three times. If you are using iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max or XR - click the new Slide button three times. Not the best solution, but it is the only one available so far.
Honestly, the end result is quite awful. The phone inverts all images which completely ruins the whole experience. However, it can be quite handy if you need to bash out couple of messages and don't care about the images someone posted.

Dark mode for Slack Web

So far this is the best way to enjoy decent Dark mode on Slack. This approach also comes with a downside, you need to use Slack in your browser and not the standalone desktop app.
All you need to do is install the Night Eye extension on your preferred browser. it works on Slack web and nearly any other website on the Internet.


There are many customisation options such as blue light filter, contrast filter, brightness filter, color changing feature and more. For most people, the default settings are satisfactory enough so at the beginning don’t bother with them. Night Eye will automatically enable dark mode on every website you visit.
For more details on how it works and how to use it - If you have questions, check out our FAQ or simply message us using the built-in support chat. To do so, open the extension window and at the top right corner you will see the support chat.