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Is dark mode healthy for your eyes?

Dark mode has gathered an immense following in the world of the Internet. Everyone is crazy about it. Some people really appreciate the perks that it brings along as they believe that it is safer for the eyes. While others just adore the aesthetic vibe that comes with the dark mode.
If we look at the other side of dark mode, apart from the wonderful vibe, the logic makes sense. The brighter the light on your smartphone or laptop screens is, the greater is the chance for symptoms like eye strain to appear. On a daily basis we fight issues like regular headaches and watery eyes due to the bright light and extensive screen time. Let’s be honest - if you are not on your computer, there is a big chance you are checking your phone. The ever increasing screen time arguably is one of the main causes the dark mode trend to be on such a rise. The dark mode offers a smooth and relaxing environment for the eyes - less strain, fewer headaches and better productivity. This is what we subjectively observe as dark mode fans. But is the hype really worth it? Is the dark mode actually the hero or are we just making it a huge hype? Let’s find out!

Is dark mode really better?

This might sound a little complicated as the dark mode is friendlier to the eye but not in all cases. When it comes to reading, black text on a white background is considered to be the best option. This has a lot of color theory to it. Reading white text on a black background is said to be harder. The iris requires to open up in order to grab more light. Science has also repetitively said that readability is best by dark on light rather than light on dark.

Now coming to the overall strain on the eye; light mode is not that great. Dark mode relaxes the eye amazingly and allows you to stare at the screen for long hours. With a white screen, your eyes require a lot of energy and it tends to put a major strain on the eye which leads to headaches, watery eyes and many more negative side effects. Dark mode is really helpful if you have a condition like photophobia which can cause bright light to trigger migraine. We have hundreds of people reporting that this is the sole reason they are using Night Eye. Other people have visual conditions that make them read far easier when the text is a bright color on a dark background. It is no surprise why the invert color option has been part of all OS way before the hype around dark mode. The invert colors are quite rudimentary as it breaks pretty much anything else besides the text. This is where browser extensions like Night Eye come into play. They provide the benefit of the color inversion (enabling bright text on dark background) and not breaking anything else.

Dark mode is NOT a good option if you are in a very light room or outside. Even if you really like the dark UI, we strongly recommend to disable it in such environments. Let’s take a look at the key advantages of dark mode.

The benefits of dark mode

  • Enhances visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain in low light conditions.
  • Saves energy.
  • Minimizes flickering and blue light.
  • Better long-term performance as the dark mode is helping to concentrate your eyes longer and helping your brain to keep more attention on the screen.
  • People with visual impairments will do better with dark mode.
  • Stylish and trendy.

What is the Night Eye?

Night Eye is a browser extension that allows computer and laptop users to take advantage of the dark mode. You can easily enable dark mode while browsing the internet by simply installing it. More than just a dark mode extension, Night Eye offers tons of customization such as filters like brightness, dim, contrast, and blue light. You can sync your OS mode with Night Eye and even schedule it when to turn on and off. Night Eye will boost your user experience from a health and visual aspect. First, this browser extension will apply negative polarity (dark mode) on your screen, scientifically considered as the healthier alternative for your eyes compared to the positive polarity (light mode) used on almost every website on the Internet. Second, dark mode interfaces indeed possess a certain charisma that could be associated with boldness, formality, sophistication, mystery, strength, luxuriousness, thus making it the more modern looking and stylish version from a visual perspective. Night Eye comes with a completely free 3-month trial and the installation process is a matter of seconds.


The dark mode is more relaxing for the human eye as it does not strain it. This is why people are now turning towards this mode on their smartphones and laptops too. Thankfully, our desktop screens can also avail of the benefits of the dark mode through Night Eye!

Preview of Night Eye in action

If you are curious how Night Eye actually looks in action, here are few examples. Thanks to Night Eye, you can enable dark mode on any website.

Install Night Eye dark mode now

No credit card, no names, nothing is required - install on your preferred browser and enjoy completely for free for 3 months. After that, you can stick with the free forever Lite version and subscribe for $9 per year. See by yourself how this dark mode browser extension can help you fight with eye strain