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Those at the forefront of science and tech read the MIT Technology Review. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology owns the popular online magazine. It’s no surprise that MIT Technology Review would be so heavily entrenched in tech. Fewer places of higher education are known for their zeal of pursuing technology the way MIT is.

The MIT Technology Review has been in many different formats over the years

The magazine began in 1899, so it’s no surprise that it would have changed quite a bit over the years. The print magazine people loved is now replaced with a digital version. The worldwide web has given the MIT Technology Review the perfect platform to spread a love of science and tech all over the world.

It’s surprising how great the articles are at MIT Technology Review

A quick scroll of the site is all it takes to be amazed. The technology spoke about is stunning in how it is changing humankind. The MIT Technology Review is one of the leading tech sites, and it has continued to become more vital as the years fly by. The longer MIT Technology Review is online, the more relevant it becomes as we are increasingly dependant on technology. That doesn’t mean the site is accessible to all people. Some have a difficult time reading the content at MIT Technology Review, and that is a problem that can be avoided.

The white background on MIT Technology Review is so hard on the eyes

For some, reading the MIT Technology Review is impossible due to the white background. The bright white glare of the page is more than what some people can tolerate. A solution that many people have found that works are using Night Eye. Dark mode changes the white background into a dark background, and it makes the text easier to read. After changing the background color, the articles at MIT Technology Review are much easier to read. It takes only a moment to change background colors and turn your computer into dark mode. Night Eye makes it possible to do it with a couple of clicks.

Night Eye enables dark mode on MIT Technology Review

Turning the page into dark mode is the easiest and most effective way of being able to read the content. Dark mode makes those pesky white backgrounds disappear, and in their place, you’re left with a readable screen. Night Eye does this with MIT Technology Review and other sites as well. You are left with a readable page, and you can fully understand the content on it. If your eyes hurt from the glare of white screens, you will appreciate how invaluable Night Eye is. Night Eye takes the suffering out of reading online and turns it into something enjoyable. The impact of dark mode won’t only be felt on MIT Technology Review, but on every site, you visit with a white background. You’ll use Night Eye every day, and your eyes will feel much less strain and stress because of it.

Install Night Eye dark mode now

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