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As a renowned and influential media outlet, the New York Times (NYTimes) has seen its digital readership soar in recent years. In this article, we'll provide a brief history, examine its core audience, and share some intriguing facts about the New York Times. Most importantly, we'll discuss the possibility of a native dark mode for the website and app, and how you can experience NYTimes in dark mode using the Night Eye extension.

A Brief History of the New York Times

Established in 1851, the New York Times has been a leading newspaper in the United States, informing readers worldwide. Over the years, its storytelling methods have evolved, but its goal remains the same: to help people understand the world. With 127 Pulitzer Prizes, the NYTimes is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, allowing its reporters to deliver accurate, respectful, and in-depth stories.

The Core Audience of the New York Times The NYTimes targets readers of all age groups, with a large portion being 60 years or older and a significant focus on younger readers below 40. Its mobile app and website content cater to around 30% of its readers aged 18-29.

Content Offered by the New York Times

NYTimes' independent journalism aims to make its audience's lives more productive, satisfying, and robust. The newspaper prints front-page advertisements on the lower portion and uses the word "torture" to describe certain events. It also offers a mobile app for a seamless digital news experience.

Fascinating Facts about the New York Times

The New York Times once showed disgust about the crossword puzzle stating that it is just a waste of time and brings no mental development in people. Moreover, the newspaper added that people use this crossword puzzle to pass their time. But after World War II, it made a different statement that we should play the crossword puzzle to relax.

Back in the year 1990, the New York Times decided to change the slogan of its website. It arranged a contest in which participants had to come up with a slogan that fits best to the site.

Exploring Dark Mode for the New York Times

New York Times iOS app The iOS app of the newspaper still lacks dark mode or as they call it Night Mode. There is one small clue giving us hope that at some point it time, they will add dark interface for all those who prefer to read a lot without burning their eyes. In their help section it is said “The iOS News app does not yet have Night Mode. However, on iOS devices, you can do the following…” More details in the the help article

The website Okay, what about the desktop website? Is there dark mode you will ask. The answer is still no and there are no plans to actually offer dark interface for those who prefer it.

At this point, if you really want to enjoy dark mode on New York Times, you are left with only one alternative - to look for dark mode extension to enable it for you.
Night Eye - dark mode extension is one such extension. It is easy to use, convenient and more importantly - enables smooth dark mode for New York Times.

Night Eye: The Ultimate Dark Mode Solution for NYTimes

For those who prefer reading articles and news stories in dark mode, the Night Eye extension is the ideal solution to enhance your NYTimes browsing experience. This powerful browser extension effortlessly converts the NYTimes website and app interface into a visually pleasing dark mode, reducing eye strain and promoting a more comfortable and enjoyable reading experience.

With Night Eye, you can browse the NYTimes website late at night or in low-light environments without the harsh, glaring white background causing discomfort. The extension effectively adjusts the website's colors, contrast, and brightness, ensuring that text and images remain clear and easy to read while still providing the benefits of a dark mode.


While there's no native dark mode available for the New York Times, the Night Eye extension provides a seamless solution. With the Night Eye extension, you can enjoy a comfortable, eye-friendly reading experience on the NYTimes website and app. Download the Night Eye extension today and discover the benefits of dark mode on the New York Times and your favorite websites.

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