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Omegle is a fantastic online chat website that allows people worldwide to socialize with one another for free without registering. The website randomly pairs people together, and they chat anonymously. Spending hours on Omegle chatting with strangers, sharing their stories, discussing your interests, and creating new friendships is fascinating. 

Users often spend hours on the Omegle platform enjoying its wholesome benefits. Hence, we need a soothing dark environment that sweetens your experience on the Omegle platform. The Omegle dark mode offers an astonishing excellent background that is friendly to your eyes. In this post, we will discuss the wholesome benefits of the dark mode and how to enable the Omegle dark mode.

Is there Omegle dark mode?

Unfortunately, the Omegle website has no built-in dark mode. So, you must depend on other ways to enable the Omegle dark mode.

How to enable Omegle dark mode?

Thanks to Night Eye, you can quickly enable the Omegle dark mode at the tap of a few buttons. Night Eye is a fantastic free browser extension that transforms your Omegle website interface into an enriching dark space that comforts you, leading to a delightful chatting experience. To enable the Omegle dark mode, follow the prompts below:

  • At the bottom of this article, you will find visual icons representing numerous browsers
  • Choose the icon that represents your current browser and tap on it
  • This opens your browser extension page, where all you need to do is select “Add” to enable the Night Eye dark mode browser extension on your browser.
  • Once you select “Add,” Night Eye begins working immediately and will transform the Omegle website and other pages opened on your browser.
  • Once done, visit the Omegle website at to try out your new dark mode. 
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What are the benefits of using Omegle dark mode?

After spending hours on the Omegle platform, you may find that your eyes begin to hurt from the insistent white Omegle colors. Users have also complained about the burning sensation, itchy eyes, and migraines they struggle with after sitting before their screen for hours. 

The Omegle dark mode offers a pleasant white text on a dark background that is comfortable to the eyes. Hence, it helps protect your eyes and minimizes the possibilities of digital eye strain. Besides eliminating digital eye strain, the Omegle dark mode has other notable benefits, as outlined below.


  1. The dark mode supports your eye health. 

It can never be emphasized that dark mode helps you ease the stress on your eyes. This means you can say goodbye to chronic dry eye, eye pain, visual disturbances, and burning sensations. The limited blue light exposure also limits the possibilities of retina damage, cataracts, and macular degeneration. 


  1. Dark mode helps you sleep better.

Excessive exposure to blue light rays can stop your body from producing melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall asleep quickly. With dark mode, you can limit your exposure to blue light rays, promoting better sleep. 


  1. The dark mode is ideal for your overall health.

Experts found connections between lower melatonin levels and obesity, heart problems, and some cancers. So, you are doing yourself a favor by using dark mode, especially at night. 


  1. Dark mode can prolong battery life.

Dark mode is an excellent solution if you struggle with your battery consumption. Dark mode automatically turns off pixels on your screen, helping you save on battery capacity. Choose Dark mode if you wish to enjoy up to 1 or 2 extra hours before charging your device. 

Omegle dark mode is not working

Chances are you have installed the Night Eye, but it doesn’t seem to be working on your Omegle website. Although this event is rare, it may happen. Here are three quick fixes to eliminate the problem.


  • Ensure there is no other dark extension turned on

Having two or more dark mode extensions simultaneously might cause Night Eye to fail. Hence, you should be sure to remove the other dark mode extension before installing Night Eye. 


  • Check your Night Eye settings.

Night Eye has three main modes, including “Dark Mode,” “Filtered,” and “Normal.” Click on the Night Eye icon at the top of your website, select the “Normal” mode first, and then go back and select “Dark mode.” This can help fix any bugs or glitches.

  • Reinstall Night Mode

If none of the other two techniques work, you can uninstall Night Eye and install it back. If this doesn’t fix the problem, reach out to us, and we will help you solve the problem in no time. 


Enable dark mode on any website

Sadly not all websites have built-in dark mode. Luckily Night Eye is here to help. Protect your eyes, enable dark mode on any website!
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