How to enable Dark Mode dark mode main | Night Eye is a fantastic platform where you can find tons of information about making the best of your PC. However, dark mode can further make your surfing a pleasant and memorable experience. 

Dark mode does more than invert the colors on the webpage. It transforms your website into a good-looking dark environment that soothes and comforts your eyes. 

This guide will discuss the easy steps to enable dark mode and its wholesome benefits.

Why dark mode on

The hours spent on learning tons of hacks, tips, games, security features, and other crucial information to make the best of your PC are so worth it. However, after hours of staring at the bright and colorful screen, your eyes may start hurting, making concentrating difficult. This problem worsens if you are staring at that white screen at night. This is why dark mode is essential. Dark mode reverses the colored scheme of the PCHistory website, giving you white text on a dark background alongside beautiful visual elements that are pleasant on the eyes. 

What are the benefits of having dark mode on

Beyond reducing the likelihood of straining your eyes, there are other advantages of using dark mode. Below are some significant reasons you should use dark mode on 


  1. Dark mode minimizes blue light exposure.

Dark mode cuts down the blue light emissions released by your digital screen when surfing the website and across the internet. It does this by offering a reddish or yellowish tinge while also shutting down some pixels on your screen. You don’t have to worry about being exposed to blue light emissions through your prolonged use of the screen. 


  1. Dark mode supports your physical health.

Blue light emissions have been linked to many harmful ailments ranging from eye problems to cataracts, obesity, and some cancers. Hence, when you minimize your exposure to blue light rays, you reduce the risks of such ailment and promote good health. 


  1. Dark mode makes it easier to surf at night. 

Dark more helps you create a dark environment that is much easier to look at during the night or in low light. Hence, it helps reduce eye strain when working in lowly lit environments. 


  1. Dark mode promotes better sleep.

Studies have discovered that blue light exposure disrupts melatonin production, inhibiting our circadian rhythm, which is the body’s way of knowing when it's time to go to bed. Dark mode will help you maintain healthy melatonin levels and promote high-quality sleep. 


  1. Dark mode may extend battery life.

Studies confirm that the many pixels on our screens drain our batteries too fast. Hence, you can extend your battery life when fewer pixels are illuminated using dark mode. So, if you struggle with poor battery life, you may consider switching to dark mode. 

Is there dark mode on

Unfortunately, the website has no built-in dark mode. So, you need to consider other techniques to enable dark mode to protect your eyes and overall health.

How to enable dark mode

It is easy to transform your browsing experience by enabling the dark mode. Thanks to the Night Eye free browser extension, you can enjoy an enriching dark environment that pleasantly accentuates all buttons and icons. To enable dark mode using Night Eye, follow the prompts below:

  • Go to the bottom of this article to discover icons representing your browser
  • Click on the icon for your browser (for example, the edge icon for Microsoft Edge)
  • Tapping the icon should take you to your browser extension store. 
  • Here, all you need do is select “Add,” and Night Eye starts working immediately, transforming all open webpages and websites.
  • Now go to  and start enjoying the gorgeous dark environment. dark normal dark mode

Enable dark mode on any website

Sadly not all websites have built-in dark mode. Luckily Night Eye is here to help. Protect your eyes, enable dark mode on any website!
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