php documentation dark mode
PHP, unlike many open source projects, has an incredible online documentation. Available in many languages, the PHP documentation is an excellent resource and you should visit it whenever you need help with PHP.

In many developer communities and forums like “check the php manual” is always part of the answers beginner (not only) php developers get.
In other words - beginner or not you will most likely spend a lot of time searching through and reading the official php documentation.
Thus if you want to spare your eyes unnecessary strain from the bright white screen, enabling dark mode for the official PHP documentation is mandatory.

PHP Documentation with dark mode enabled and without

php documentation dark modephp-documentation-normal-mode-night-eye-11php documentation dark mode

Quick video guide on how to enable dark mode for PHP documentation

How to enable night mode on PHP documentation?

All you need to do is download and install the browser extension Night Eye. Simply click on the icon of the browser you are currently using. It will literally do the rest. Once installed, the extension will automatically turn on night mode on nearly any website you visit. You can also customise the look of each website, add filters and much more. You can find more information here

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