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True gamers don't waste time even if they are not an in-game activity or are AFK. They constantly seek knowledge about new releases, fan events, community gatherings, e-sports tournaments, various playing strategies, hardware reviews, interviews with the industry's biggest companies, and many more… Gamers do have favorite gaming sites on which they can gain all this knowledge and one of the most popular ones is Polygon. In the next few lines, we will review this famous video game website and familiarize you with our very own dark mode browser extension called Night Eye with which you can update the reading mode of gaming news to a more stylish, smoother, and easier on your eyes way.

Polygon history

Polygon is an American video game website that publishes news, reviews, and videos. It is Vox Media's third property and was created from the technology blog The Verge, launched a year earlier as an outgrowth of sports blog network SB Nation and even before Vox Media was formed. Vox Media's chief executive officer, Jim Bankoff, approached Joystiq editor-in-chief, Christopher Grant, in early 2011 about starting a video game website. They wanted the new site to compete with the top gaming websites such as GameSpot and IGN and as of today they managed to do so.

Polygon visitors

As a gaming website,

Polygon.com welcomes gamers from all around the globe.

Purpose of Polygon

Polygon publishes video games and entertainment news, reviews, and video materials. The idea behind this website is to distinguish itself from competitors by focusing on the stories of the people behind the games instead of the games themselves.

Interesting facts

Polygon.com was built in 10 months with 16-person founding staff. Vox Media produced a documentary series on the founding of the site.

Vox Media created several sites dedicated to specific video games with editorial staff from Polygon and SB Nation: The Rift Herald (for League of Legends esports) in March 2016, The Flying Courier (for Dota 2) and Heroes Never Die (for Overwatch) in June 2017.

The Polygon site utilizes a "direct content sponsorship" model of online advertising used by SB Nation and The Verge.

Polygon dark mode with Night Eye - time to level up!

If you consider yourself a true gamer. If you prefer the dark side, Night Eye is your best bet concerning your choice of a dark mode browser extension. The dark mode is a UI (user interface) setting that uses dark colors instead of the traditional white or bright tones that have been the backdrop for most web layouts to date. By installing Night Eye you will redefine your browsing experience in a smooth and easy on your eyes way. Read your favorite gaming news on Polygon dark mode and improve your eye-care.

Apart from the new and modern stylish look that Polygon will gain, the negative polarity will eliminate the harmful blue light which is otherwise emitting from your PC or laptop screen.

The blue light is the main source of symptoms like eye strain, dry eyes effect, headaches, and even blurred or double vision. As a gamer myself, I do spend a lot of time in-front of the PC screen and these symptoms are not unfamiliar for me. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure almost every one of us had already experienced some of them, more or less. Night Eye offers you a simple and quick resolution to prevent these negative effects. Improve your gaming skills and knowledge without affecting your focus and damaging your eyes in a new cooler and darker version of Polygon.

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Choose Night Eye - the eye-friendly alternative that will level you up in an instant!

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