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Science lovers have always flocked to PopSci to catch up on the latest discoveries. PopSci blows the minds of its visitors every day, and that’s why it’s one of the most popular science sites online. PopSci has a ton of articles, and it’s a site that is continuously updating its content. Few sites have caught the attention or gained the praise that PopSci has, and the reason for that is their attention to quality.

PopSci goes way back before the internet

PopSci started way back in 1872 as The Popular Science Monthly by Edward L. Youmans. The internet and even computers weren’t even a figment of the imagination of people at that time. The that something Edward created is now enjoyed by people all over the world would boggle his mind. Even someone as devout to science would find the concept of the world wide web almost impossible to fathom.

Get the most out of PopSci by reading the articles in dark mode

Dark mode transforms sites like PopSci and turns them into something that you can easily enjoy. Before Night Eye, you had to either tolerate the white screen or not read the articles at all. Night Eye changes how you use the internet since you’re not facing the struggle of reading white backgrounds. The change of dark to white is immediate, and so are the results. Reading pages with a white background is difficult, and it keeps you from enjoying your favorite sites. The solution is to turn the background a different color, and Night Eye does that. Night Eye puts the pages into what’s referred to as dark mode, making it easier for your eyes to consume the content.

Night Eye makes the internet fun again

For some, white backgrounds have always been a problem, and it’s a new thing for others. As people age, their eyes are less tolerant to the blinding white light from the backgrounds of some web pages. It’s not unheard of for the white pages to be so bright that a person can’t read the text anymore. Using Night Eye is a simple and effective solution to make sites readable. Strained eyes can happen because of your work, poor eye health, or various other reasons that make reading next to impossible. Night Eye gives your eyes a much-needed break they’ve been so desperately needing.

It’s about reclaiming your love of the internet

Night Eye gives you back the internet that you love. Glaring white screens aren’t a problem when you switch them to dark mode. Night Eye works with a couple clicks of the mouse, and that’s it. The white background is replaced with a white background that makes it easier to read the text. Since you’re able to read the text on pages, you can now make the most of the information. Dark mode is a simple solution to a problem that has been bothering you for quite some time. Give Night Eye a try and see an increase in the level of satisfaction you get from PopSci and other sites.

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