Night Eye is a browser extension that enables dark mode on nearly every website. It is powered by an adaptive color converting algorithm to provide the most aesthetic and unique dark theme for each page you visit.

In addition to the smooth dark mode, Night Eye offers a variety of additional filters to enhance further your browsing experience and protect your eyes.

Night Eye respects your privacy - no data mining, no ads, no browsing data ever reaches our servers.


For more videos, please check our website where we regularly publish previews on various websites with Night Eye enabled.


  • "Works perfectly without inverting photographs. I spend a couple hours a day reading print websites, online magazines, etc. on a 32 inch monitor. Ordinary black on white is like staring into automobile headlights. Heretofore, the only solution offered by extensions were to simply invert everything. That meant a constant back-and-forth enabling/disabling the extension to see photographs.
    That is no longer necessary with this extension. Delete any and all of your other Hacker Vision, Dark, Etc. extensions and just use this one."- Gene Girard
  • "Finally, a reliable solution for making sites dark that have YET to implement native dark modes! Works great." - Eric Reeves
  • "I love this extension I've been using it for over a year and its great. I can schedule when it's activated so I don't have to do it manually. My eyes can relax at nights." - Aldair González Sánchez
  • "I spent a lot of time looking for a 'dark mode' extension. Night Eye by far meets my expectations as it hasn't failed to do a really nice job at still making sure I'm seeing the page as it's meant to be viewed. Def reco'd to some friends who are super happy with it too." - JJ Miller