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PUBG Night mode – how to enable it

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in short - PUBG is a online battle Royale type of game that. It is a 100 + players game where everyone stands for himself (or squad up to 4 people). You are parachuted on a constantly shrinking area where you need to survive until the very last enemy is dead.
The funny thing is that you start the game wearing just an underwear.
The official website has a lot of content to offer. It can literarily offer all the information you need to start playing and get better. BUT it offers no night / dark mode. For the serious gamer this is a deadly sin, but fear no more mortals - Night Eye is here to save your eyes from the burning bright screen.

Here is the preview of how looks before and after Night Eye.

PUBG News with Night mode

Keep yourself constantly updated with the latest news around PUBG news

PUBG Forums with Night mode

You can literally spend hours discussing every detail of the game in the dedicated forums.

PUBG Support with Night mode

We all hate browsing the FAQ pages, but if you want the answer, you got to find it yourself. The good news is that your eyes will not be full of tears after reading tones of articles. Support page.

How to enable night mode on PUBG?

All you need to do is download and install the browser extension Night Eye. Simply click on the icon of the browser you are currently using. It will literally do the rest. Once installed, the extension will automatically turn on night mode on nearly any website you visit. You can also customise the look of each website, add filters and much more. You can find more information here
Image credit: Viberant Designs