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The history of HuffPost

The HuffPost is a great American website that provides various news, blogs, vlogs (video blogs), commentary and podcasts. This site comes with local as well as international editions and generates its revenue from advertising. A famous American writer, Andrew Breitbart, and a Greek-American businesswoman and author, Arianna Huffington launched this website back in the year 2005 on May 9. Moreover, Kenneth Lerer, an American media executive and businessman and Jonah Peretti, an Internet entrepreneur, were also part of its foundation. At the time of its launch, this American liberal site delivered only blogs and commentary outlets. At that time, people called it an alternative to a conservative news aggregation website, the Drudge Report.

Back in the year 2011, a leading American web portal and online service provider, AOL acquired this news website for approximately 315 million US Dollars. As a result, Arianna Huffington moved to its Media Group and started working as its president and editor-in-chief. Earlier, the HuffPost offered only blogs from the unpaid bloggers about the field of entertainment, politics and academia. But in the last year, the website ended its blogger program. At that time, it had more than 100,000 bloggers who write for it. The headquarters of the HuffPost is in New York City, United States. At present, people call the HuffPost as the HuffPost. HuffPo is a common abbreviation for this website. This American opinion and news website is free for its users.

Short profile of the HuffPosts' visitors

Approximately 59.74 per cent of US people use the HuffPost. The percentage of France users is 6.01 per cent, and that of Canada is 4.97 per cent. Moreover, the HuffPost has 2.28 per cent audience from the United Kingdom and only 1.66 per cent from Japan.

The content of HuffPost

If we talk about the content of the HuffPost, it not only provides news and blogs, but it offers the original material from various categories. These categories include business, sports, weather, politics and information technology. It also covers the topics about media, fashion, lifestyle, women's interests, environment, healthy eating and healthy living. It always tries to offer the news, headlines and stories after performing a check of search engine optimization.

Interesting facts about the HuffPost

  • Back in the year 2011, approximately 35 per cent of the traffic of the HuffPost was from search engines. At that time, CNN's traffic was only 20 per cent from the search engines.
  • In July 2012, the HuffPost came in the list of the most popular political sites, and it ranked on No.1. In the same year, this American opinion and news website won a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting of news.
  • It also introduced an online network in the name of the HuffPost Live. This system of the HuffPost refused the typical formats of television programming formats. It believed in viewer participation.
  • Currently, the website of The HuffPost is available in ten languages.

The Huffpost dark mode is here

The dark mode trend continues to dominate the Internet. Productivity apps, popular websites such as Reddit, YouTube and others already adopted and added built in dark theme. There are a lot of websites that still lack it and don’t plan to develop a dark color scheme. Most of the news websites, including HuffPost, offer no dark theme that helps their visitors read more and protect their eyes.

Luckily, Night Eye is here to help and solve that issue for you. Night Eye is a dark mode extension that enables dark mode on pretty much any website on the Internet. It works particularly well on news websites like HuffPost.

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