How to enable Snapchat dark mode – Android and iOS

snapchat dark mode

Snapchat is a fantastic way to have fun while connecting with close friends and making fun-filled memories online. With Snapchat, you can share unique details about yourself while checking in on others, ranging from your close friends to A-list celebrities. Thanks to dark mode, also known as Night mode, you can now enjoy a dark and stunning interface that is easier on the eyes. 

Is there a Snapchat dark mode?

Unfortunately, you can only find a dedicated Snapchat dark mode for IOS. Presently, there is no built-in dark mode for Snapchat on Android.

How to enable Snapchat dark mode on iPhone

Although you can use your iPhone’s default dark theme, a dedicated Snapchat dark mode for iPhone is also available. Follow these steps outlined below to enable Snapchat dark mode on IOS:

  • In the top-left corner of your Snapchat app, click on the “Bitmoji” icon
  • It opens your profile page, where you should select the “Settings” icon
  • Now, under “My Account,” select “App appearance.” 
  • You can now enable Snapchat dark mode by choosing “Always dark.”

How to enable Snapchat dark mode on Android

Sadly, there is no official dark mode setting for Android. Using your default Android dark theme to transform Snapchat into a dark environment is also possible. The closest option is activating “forced systemwide dark mode” from the developer's page. This would change all apps on your device to a dark theme. This isn’t perfect, but it can help tone down the glaring white light of Snapchat’s default mode. Follow these steps to force-enabling Snapchat dark mode:

  • Go to “Settings” and select “About phone.” 
  • Then navigate to the bottom to find “Build number” and tap on it seven times. This enables developer mode.
  • Now go back to the Settings home page and select “System.”
  • Next select “Developer options.”
  • Now select “Override force-dark,” and Android will invert the colors on all apps.

What are the benefits of enabling dark mode for Snapchat?

The most significant benefit of using Snapchat dark mode is that it helps provide comfort to your eyes, making your surfing, chatting, and exploring on Snapchat a pleasant experience. You can seamlessly minimize exposure to harmful blue and white light through dark mode. However, there are many more benefits of using Snapchat dark mode. Below you will find these amazing benefits of Snapchat to your health:

  1. Dark mode makes surfing memorable.

No doubt that colors pop better on gorgeous black backgrounds. This is due to the high contrast, stunning visuals, and beautifully inverted colors. You will love chatting, watching videos, and exploring the Snapchat app from the aesthetically pleasant dark interface.

  1. Dark mode stops the awful effects of blue light rays.

Continuous exposure to blue light rays can lead to dire circumstances such as digital eye strain. This condition results in horrible symptoms such as painful eyes, blurred vision, dry eyes, headaches, and migraine. Digital eye strain may also lead to shoulder and spine troubles as you begin to stoop while trying to maintain focus after staring at a white screen for too long. With Snapchat dark mode, you can reduce exposure to harmful blue light rays. In turn, you can minimize the risks of developing these conditions.

  1. Dark mode helps you sleep better. 

Studies show that excessive exposure to harmful blue light rays prevents the body from staying in tune with your circadian rhythm. This is because blue light rays inhibit the ability of the body to maintain the appropriate amount of the sleep-inducing hormone needed for different hours of the day, leading to sleep troubles and insomnia. With dark mode, you can surf on Snapchat without difficulty falling asleep at night.

  1. Dark mode promotes better eyes. 

There is growing evidence that prolonged exposure to blue and white light can lead to eye troubles such as retina damage and age-related macular degeneration. Hence, you can protect your eyes by minimizing exposure with dark mode. 

  1. Dark mode enables good health.

Research shows that blue light exposure increases the risks of chronic health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and reduced libido. Therefore, dark mode is essential to reduce exposure to blue light, minimizing the risks of developing these ailments. 

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