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soundcloud dark mode

SoundCloud Dark Mode

The world’s largest audio and music streaming platform now with dark mode! Now you can browse it without getting yourself an eye strain by the bright white background of the website. Before going in details on how to enable the dark theme on, here are some things you probably don’t know even if you are an avid user of the streaming platform.

Preview of the SoundCloud dark mode enabled by Night Eye


The history of SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s largest audio and music distribution platform with the help of which people can share and upload the sound and can promote it as well. Back in the year August 2007, it was launched by a famous electronic musician, Eric Wahlforss and Alexander Ljung, a sound designer of Sweden. Its headquarters is in Germany.

Earlier, it provided the facility to the musicians to share and discuss their music recordings. Currently, it has become the world’s leading music sharing website that has more than 170 million users per month.

This audio and music platform allows people to explore and enjoy the music from various creators. They can also connect with their friends and artists and can increase their audience by sharing their music on it. By using SoundCloud, you can access and discover millions of music tracks along with freestyles and remixes.

Short profile of the visitors

Officially, the user base of SoundCloud includes the people having an age of 18 or above. This figure represents the people who use the platform from the web version or mobile apps. According to the survey reports, about 14 percent of people having an age of 18 – 24 use SoundCloud. The percentage of users having an age of 25 to 35 is 23 percent and 16 percent for people having 36 to 45 years of age. Moreover, this percentage is only 8 percent for people above the age of 45.

SoundCloud - the open music platform

SoundCloud is an open music platform that is becoming popular day by day due to its unique and fantastic content and features. It allows musicians to connect with their fans from all over the world and monetise their art. The audio and music streaming platform has the most diverse and different catalogue of content. It not only includes new music with playlists but also rocks with amazing podcasts and more than 200 million soundtracks in several genres. Moreover, the users of SoundCloud can also get comprehensive feedback from the community of SoundCloud. In short, with the help of Sound Cloud, you can upload any music recording if you want to experience quick discovery and can listen to the sound that exists nowhere.

Interesting facts about Sound Cloud

  • The music sharing platform of Sound Cloud has more than 25 million music creators.
  • There is a total of 200 million music tracks that people upload on Sound Cloud.
  • People from over 190 countries use Sound Cloud every day. Moreover, the percentage of people in the United States who use Sound Cloud on their mobiles is 25 percent.
  • SoundCloud's global revenue for 2019 is more than $200 million.
  • SoundCloud put a $1 billion price tag on itself, after Spotify was interested in purchasing it.

SoundCloud dark mode and how to enable it

The community has been quite active on demanding dark theme to be implemented in both the mobile apps and the web version. Although it took ages, we now can enjoy a great dark mode on the mobile apps. Short guides on how to enable dark mode for SoundCloud on iOS and Android can be found here - Dark mode – SoundCloud Help Center

Sadly, the SoundCloud is still neglecting all of us who enjoy listening to music while working on our laptops. There is no official built-in dark theme that we can enable when browsing the millions of tracks on the website. If you want to enable dark mode, you need to look elsewhere for a solution.

One such solution is - Night Eye. It is a browser extension that enables dark mode on SoundCloud (and the rest of the internet). It works with your favourite browser and comes with 3 months completely free trial. After its expiration you can continue using it for free by switching to Night Eye Lie or go for the Pro which costs only $9 per year.
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