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TechRadar is a famous website that focuses on technology, providing you with the latest news and reviews of all types of gadgets, software and anything tech related. Its editorial teams are spread across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and India. TechRadar is owned by the 6th largest publisher of the United Kingdom; Future PLC. The website was launched in 2008 and has come a long way since the past 12 years.

It has been listed as the 93rd biggest media website in the United States. No doubt why all tech geeks rely on this website for getting reviews for almost every new gadget, phone or software. If it is tech related, you will certainly get a proper insight into it, on this online publication. Last year, TechRadar won the label of the 10th most famous technology websites in the world of the internet.

Daily Visitors of TechRadar

The daily traffic that visits this website, on a daily basis, is huge. TechRadar has 1,383,394 daily users which bring in 1,790,509 daily page views. Thus, the website value of TechRadar is 3,921,224 USD, with daily revenue of $1791. Globally, this online publication is one of the highest-earning and most popular websites for tech freaks.

What content can you find on TechRadar?

TechRadar is purely a technology-oriented website. It provides you with deep insights into various gadgets, apps, software and more. From the latest news that breaks in the technology world to the reviews of recently launched smartphones and apps; everything is available at TechRadar.

Turn TechRadar dark mode ON

Dark mode or night mode is a much preferred version of apps and websites these days. There are many apps that have launched dark mode, for user convenience. We all understand the negative aspects of using our smartphones, tablets or desktops for a long time. However, at the same time, we are helpless too. We need to sit in front of our desks daily, in our offices to make money. We also need to find an escape from our dull and boring tasks in the workplace and scroll through our phones. This tends to harm our eyesight and problems like constant headaches and insomnia become normal due to large exposure to laptop and computer screens.

This is why dark mode has surfaced largely. Smartphones have introduced dark mode so that the entire phone can be used on a dimmer light which doesn’t harm your eyes as much. However, for people who love reading articles and online publications like TechRadar on their laptops, need a solution too, right? Well, thankfully, we have one. Night Eye is an amazing browser extension that allows laptop and desktop users to turn on the dark mode. It is extremely simple to use and you will find it much easier to scroll through the website with the dark mode on TechRadar. Night Eye is being used by 104,000 people on a daily basis which shows how much we needed dark mode on our laptop screens as well. It not only allows you to lessen the harm that the screen does to your eyes but it also helps you in focusing for longer time spans. You can easily read an entire review on TechRadar without feeling the need to put the laptop aside or focus less.