tiktok dark mode

What is TikTok?

TikTok is one of the leading platforms for short-form mobile video making. It started back in 2012 but was launched officially in 2016. This social networking app was founded by Byte Dance and is used to create lip-sync videos. It is an extremely creative way to showcase your talent and the youth is utilizing the app to its fullest these days.

In October 2018, TikTok was one of the most downloaded apps which was a huge success for this social network platform. The stats of 2018 showed that TikTok was all over in 150 markets and 75 languages. In 2019, TikTok successfully hit one billion downloads, all around the world. Moreover, it was termed as the most downloaded app of the decade.

Recent estimates forecast TikTok to reach 1.2 billion active users in 2021, which only comes to show to growing popularity of the platform.

Who are TikTok Users?

As Tik Tok was termed as the most downloaded app of the decade, in 2019, you can clearly assume that it will have over a million users. In 2019, Tik Tok had >500 million “active” users, from around the world. It makes Tik Tok stand on 9th position amongst the well-known websites like Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat etc.

The most interesting thing to notice here is that 150 million active users are from China only. Countries like Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand embraced this social media app warmly and enthusiastically. Youth is using this app everyday, to create something magical and unique within short videos of 10-60 seconds.

What is TikTok Dark Mode?

Tik Tok introduced their dark mode in fall 2019 and since then, Tik Tokers have absolutely adored this mode. Screenshots of the dark mode have revolved around the social media which showcase the enthusiasm of Tik Tok users. One of the downsides of this launch is that you cannot actually turn it on and off, the Tik Tok dark mode is tied to your phones preferred mode. Going through twitter comments, it is obvious that it doesn’t work for everyone.

There are a lot of benefits of dark mode, but the most important one is that it keeps your eyes safe. They do not hurt and you can use Tik Tok for longer time as well. This puts a lot of users in rage as they are eagerly waiting for Tik Tok to convert into the perfect pitch black mode.

What does TikTok dark mode do?

The app is available on both Android and iOS devices. The key features of TikTok include short videos, lip syncing, and live streaming. You can find different types of videos on this app such as comedy, fitness, beauty, music, dance, comedy etc.

There are two modes in TikTok - light mode and dark mode. Dark mode is a new feature that has been recently added to the app to save your eyes from being hurt due to bright light from your phone screen at night or in low-lit areas.

How often does TikTok update their design?

TikTok is a social media platform that has recently been acquired by Bytedance. The app was originally launched in 2016 and was designed to be a more casual version of Vine. It has been reported that the company updates their design every two weeks.

How do I activate Dark Mode on TikTok?

You can easily and for free activate TikTok dark mode on desktop and mobile using the NightEye browser extension.

Is there a TikTok Dark Mode for Android?

TikTok is the most popular app for making and sharing short videos on social media. However, it can be difficult to watch videos in dark environments on TikTok. There are no official dark modes for Android or iOS yet.

However, there are some third-party apps, such as NightEye, that offer a workaround to this problem. They provide an option to turn the app's background black or use a dark theme, which makes it easier for viewers to see what's happening in the video.

Is there a TikTok Dark Mode for Desktop?

It is speculated that TikTok will soon launch a desktop version of the app. It is likely that there will be a dark mode for desktop too. Untill then, you can use NightEye Chrome extension to turn on dark mode on TikTok.

How to Enable Dark Mode on TikTok?

If you are browsing Tik Tok on your desktop, we have great news for you. Night Eye can enable smooth dark mode automatically. All you need to do is install it and enjoy it.

Night Eye is a browser extension that runs on all major browsers, offers 3 months Free Trial (no information is asked in order to install it) and offers advanced features like filtered mode, blue light filter, and icons conversion.

At the end, TikTok is one of the largest growing social media apps and it helps you connect with creative people. It is certainly a wonderful way to showcase your talent and if utilized in the right way, it can really help you in spreading your talent. Spending hours and hours is nothing of a surprise thus we strongly recommend enabling dark mode and protecting your eyes.

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