Top 5 Dark Themes for Google Chrome

Google Chrome, as the most powerful and customisable browser, allows the users to tweak its look and make it more personal.
The themes are one of the easiest ways to make Chrome more to your liking. As dark mode lovers, you cannot expect us to recommend anything besides dark themes for Chrome. Not only they look cooler than any other, but they complement well with Night Eye. Without further due, here is the list starting from number 5 down to the best dark theme that currently is available on the market

5. Black Black Chrome Theme Blue Highlight

This is a classic all black theme with blue highlight for the tab you are currently looking at. It is simple and clean, although the blue highlights can be little too much for some users. Give it a try and see if it works for you!
Black Black Chrome Theme - preview
Black Black Chrome Theme - preview 2

4. Dark Void - Minimalistic Black theme

Minimalistic dark theme, that is a bit too dark (never thought I would say that). For me personally the text on the new tabs is a bit too greyish and they can be hard to read for some.
Dark Void - Minimalistic Black Theme - preview

3. Matte Black Theme

Think of it as better version of Dark Void. The tabs are more readable.
Matte Black Theme - preview
Matte Black Theme - preview 2

2. Atom One Dark Theme

Inspired by Atom’s colors, this theme tries to bring the same experience. If you are a developer, this theme might be a joy for your eyes. This theme has minimal highlights to differentiate between active and inactive windows, a subtle text-only effect to differentiate between active and inactive tabs within the same window, and no branding or awkward or silly logos.
Atom One Dark Theme - preview
Atom One Dark Theme - preview 2

1. Material Incognito Dark Theme

Hands down, the best dark theme you can possibly find in the Chrome Web store. It has been used by nearly a million users and out of 1800 reviews, it has almost full 5 stars. We are big fans of the theme and every time we get asked what dark theme would we recommend as complimentary to Night Eye - this is it.
Material Incognito Dark Theme preview
Material Incognito Dark Theme - preview 2

Known issues with all Google Chrome dark themes

One of the biggest issues with all current dark themes is the inability of the theme devs to adjust the color of the omnibox. In other words, it is not possible for the devs to change the bright white color of the omnibox to a smooth darkish one.

Night Eye - dark mode extension for Google Chrome

If you are wondering why Google page is dark, Quora has beautiful dark UI or how to enable dark mode on stackoverflow, it is because we are using Night Eye. It is a browser extension that enables dark mode on nearly any website.
how to enable chrome dark mode