What to expect from Night Eye - Dark mode for Firefox

Night Eye works on nearly any website - Facebook, Google, Quora, Github, Stackoverflow, Wikipedia and much more. The only exception are the local files (file://) or the browser settings. If you encounter a website not functioning properly or at all, our support team is ready to fix it ASAP.

Instead of simply inverting the images, Night Eye utilises completely new approach that analyses the page element's colors and converts only the right ones.

The extension allows you to quickly switch the three available modes
- Dark - Go into complete dark mode. All colors, small images and icons will be converted to give you the smoothest dark experience possible.
- Filtered - The websites' colors will not be changed, but you can still adjust brightness, contrast, warmth and more.
- Normal - Get back to the normal browsing experience.

What is Firefox Dark Mode

More and more web surfers are starting to use dark mode (negative polarity) on their screens. With this mode, light characters are displayed on a dark background which provides better character contrast and is making the display less prone to flicker, thus leading to positive impact from two perspectives. From health aspect, symptoms like digital eye-strain, headaches and blurred vision from continuously starring at the screen are reduced to minimum. From visual perspective, the dark mode interface is way more stylish and cooler. In the end, your user preference should be the determining factor when setting display polarity.

As Firefox was one of the first major browsers to offer a dedicated dark theme, we will look at some simple steps for enabling it on different OS. Whatever your reason for switching to Firefox dark theme – to save power, reduce glare, or simply because it looks cool - here's how to do it:

How to enable Firefox dark mode for Windows, macOS or Linux:

  1. Open the main menu
  2. Click “Customize”
  3. Choose “Dark” from the “Themes” drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.


How to enable iOS Firefox dark mode

All you need to do is open the menu and tap “Night mode” to switch to the darker color scheme.

How to enable Android Firefox dark mode

First you need to install the new Firefox browser called Firefox Preview, specially designed for this OS. You can download it from this link
*Please note that if you meet the following requirements, you’ll be upgraded automatically: - enabled automatic app updates for Firefox for Android, Android 5+ OS, Firefox for Android version 59+

Unfortunately, if you use an older version of Firefox for Android (59 or below) you won't be upgraded. The recommendation is to upgrade your OS or acquiring a device that supports a newer Android OS to get the new browser.

After installation, you can easily set up dark mode on your Firefox Preview app at any time and select from any of the pre-installed themes.
To change the Firefox Preview theme:

  1. Tap the menu button.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Theme from the Basics section.
  4. Tap one of the following radio buttons: Light / Dark /Set by Battery Saver

If you select Set by Battery Saver, your Firefox Preview UI will be dark only when the Battery Saving mode on your device is enabled.

What are the benefits of using Firefox dark mode?

The benefits of using Firefox dark mode are plenty. It is a feature that can be used to reduce eye strain and improve sleep quality, it is easier on the eyes and causes less distraction. Dark mode has been around for a while now, but it has only become available for Firefox since the beginning of 2018. It was first introduced in the Nightly builds and then became available in the Developer Edition and finally in Firefox 63.

Why is Firefox in dark mode?

The dark mode in Firefox lets desktop and mobile users browse with a darker screen that can ease eye strain.

How does Firefox Dark Mode work?

The dark mode is a toggle button on the right of your browser window. When it’s activated, all the colors in your browser will turn black and white, and any text will be shown in black. The dark mode also changes the default theme of Firefox to be darker and more soothing on your eyes.

Why should I use Firefox Dark Mode?

Dark mode is a feature in Firefox that changes the background from light to dark. This mode was created to reduce the strain on eyes when you use a computer for long hours. The dark mode can be activated by going to "settings" and then "general". From there, you can change the default theme from light to dark.

Is there any risk to using Firefox Dark Mode?

No, there are no risks associated with using Firefox Dark Mode; it is just a personal preference. People can use it if they want and they can also turn off this feature and switch back to the default light mode if they want.

You can also enable dark mode on many other websites such as Enable Duolingo Dark Mode, and many more.

How to Install Night Eye Dark Mode add-on for Firefox