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Bilibili is a popular video sharing platform that is well known for its large collection of anime, manga, and gaming-related content. With millions of users browsing through Bilibili's vast library of videos, it's no surprise that the platform offers a dark mode option to make the viewing experience more comfortable for users.

However, while Bilibili offers a default dark mode on mobile, but not on PC, it may not be sufficient for everyone. That's where Night Eye comes in. Night Eye is a browser extension that can be installed on all major web browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. It offers a more comprehensive and customizable dark mode option that can be used on any web page, including Bilibili.

Bilibili and Dark Mode

Activating dark mode on Bilibili and other web pages with Night Eye is easy. Once the browser extension is installed, simply toggle the dark mode switch, and Night Eye will automatically convert any web page you visit to dark mode. This feature not only reduces eye strain and improves battery life but also provides an enhanced browsing experience that is more immersive and visually appealing. Bilibili already offers a dark mode for its users on mobile, but not on PC, making it easier for them to browse videos without eye strain or headaches. However, if you using Night Eye's dark mode you can enjoy dark mode on PC, you can do so by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Night Eye website ( or search for "Night Eye" in your browser's extension store.
  2. Install the Night Eye browser extension on your preferred browser by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Once installed, the Night Eye icon should be visible in your browser's toolbar.
  4. Click on the Night Eye icon to access the settings and customization options.
  5. Turn on dark mode by toggling the switch, and Night Eye will automatically convert any web page you visit to dark mode, including Bilibili.

Bilibili Dark Mode Preview

BiliBili Dark ModeBiliBili Light ModeBiliBili Dark Mode

Benefits of Using Dark Mode

  1. Reduced Eye Strain: Dark mode can help alleviate eye strain, especially during extended browsing sessions. By reducing the contrast between text and background, it makes it easier to read and minimizes blue light emissions, which are known to cause digital eye strain and sleep disruption.

  2. Enhanced User Experience: Many users find dark mode more visually appealing and less distracting than traditional light mode. Dark mode provides a comfortable and immersive browsing experience, especially when used for extended periods.

  3. Improved Battery Life: Dark mode can help prolong battery life on devices with OLED or AMOLED screens, as these screens use less power when displaying darker colors. This results in longer battery life and less frequent charging requirements.

  4. Accessibility: Dark mode can be particularly beneficial for users with specific visual impairments or light sensitivity. By offering an alternative to the default light mode, it caters to a more diverse range of users and their needs.

  5. Consistent Experience Across Platforms: Night Eye's compatibility with all major browsers ensures that users can enjoy a consistent dark mode experience across multiple devices and platforms.


Bilibili's dark mode feature and Night Eye's dark mode offer users a visually comfortable and immersive browsing experience. By following the above steps, you can activate dark mode on Bilibili and other websites, reducing eye strain and enhancing the user experience. Dark mode is particularly beneficial for extended browsing sessions, prolonging battery life, and catering to users with specific visual impairments or light sensitivity.