Google Calendar Dark Mode (for Web)

google calendar dark mode
Google Calendar is arguably on of the most powerful productivity tools that you can start using right now. In 2017, Google launched an impressive upgrade of the Calendar app (both web and mobile) that brought many improvements.

The result - time management tool that does everything to keep yourself organized. If you ended up here, you are most likely aware of what Google Calendar offers and what are its capabilities. If your are new or simply want to refresh your knowledge and get more out of it, there is a great guide at the end of the post.

One thing that it lacks and most likely will continue to do so is the dark mode. Google recently started A/B testing for dark mode on search, so who knows, maybe we'll get an official dark theme for Google Calendar in the near future.

Why would you choose Google Calendar dark mode?

Better eye protection.

We are constantly spending more time in front of screens and it affects our eyes negatively. One of the means to protect your eyes is to enable dark mode whenever possible. For example Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, offer built-in dark mode for both their websites and mobile apps. Besides the dark mode, removing the blue light by enabling Night Shift (macOS and iOS) and Night Light (Windows). Although you can remove the blue light emitted by the screen, Google Calendar does not offer dark UI which will take some toll on your eyes. Switching to Apple Calendar (it has awesome dark theme) is often not an option due to its availability and more importantly due to lack of features.


If you already have enabled the dark mode offered by macOS Mojave and Windows 10, shocking you eyes with bright white screen might not be so fun.

Looks cool

It simply looks cool. We see huge spike in the interest people have in dark themes, which already transforms into a norm.

What to expect, if you use Night Eye to enable Google Calendar dark mode?

At this point the only downside that can be observed is if you have used yellow color for a specific calendar. It will be converted to brown (when dark mode is enabled). Everything else looks crisp, clean and of course dark. If you're looking to use Google Docs, Google Sheets or any other Google product in dark mode, Night Eye can enable it.

How do I get dark mode on Google Calendar?

Step by step guide on how to get dark mode for Google Calendar

  1. Install Night Eye for your preferred browser. The complete list can be found on our homepage -
  2. Open the extension by clicking on the icon that will appear next to the address bar in your browser
  3. Pick a preferred language (English is set as default)
  4. Enjoy the darkness, your eyes will feel much better now

Night Eye can offer more than simply dark UI.

There are many customization options such as blue light filter, contrast filter, brightness filter, color changing feature and schedule dark mode for those who only want dark mode enabled during night hours. For most people, the default settings are satisfactory enough so at the beginning don’t bother with them. Night Eye will automatically enable dark mode on every website you visit.

Does Night Eye enable Google Calendar dark mode for mobile apps (iOS and Android)?

Sadly, but no. Night Eye is available only for the web version of Google Calendar. For the mobile apps we hope that at some point Google will implement dark mode throughout their whole range of apps.

Google Calendar guide - from beginner to expert

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Enable Dark Mode on Google Calendar now