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We all read. There are many sources in which you can literally drown yourself into information. One stands out, at least for our team, and we religiously use it to devour knowledge, news, ideas and inspiration.

Medium is an online publishing platform founded in 2012 by one of Twitter's founders - Ev Williams. Its popularity literally grows on a daily basis and has become one of the preferred blogging platforms for individual writers, companies of any size and even the Obama administration.

Whatever your interests are, you can definitely find fresh and unique content to enjoy.
The platform itself tries to keep you engaged and constantly offers new topics, publications and post. Thus you can enjoy one article, but than quickly get swooped and spend hours reading.

If you are a working a 9 to 5 job, than you, most likely, are doing it at night. Although simplistic and minimalistic in design, Medium's background is bright white which puts serious strain on your eyes.
The company has recently introduced Night mode for its iOS and Android apps. This update was more than warm welcomed by the readers as it allows them to read with ease at night.
If you are reading on your computer, than we have bad news for you - there is no built-in night mode. In this case you can either accept the burning bright color or look for other solution. (Not reading Medium is not an option!)
If you are using Chrome, Vivaldi or Yandex Browsers than we have a solution for you. You can enable dark mode on pretty much any website without any hassle.

All you need to do is install Night Eye browser extension It quickly and smartly (most importantly) inverts the bright colors, making reading at night more pleasant.
It can and should be used not only at night, but rather in any low-light environment.

Explore Medium dark mode on desktop

Highlighting any part of the publication that seems important to you.
Exploring more publications that might interest you.
Finding the right topics for you.
Why not write your own story?

Install Night Eye and enjoy Medium at night!