Why do programmers work with dark backgrounds?

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First of all, let’s define the meaning behind the term “programmer” for those who are not familiar with it. Programmers are skilled professionals who code, test, and debug processes in the computer programs in order to make the devices to follow certain instructions. Part of their job is also to create the conception, the design and the test of logical structures in search of IT solutions. Computers have different programming languages like C, C++, Java, PHP, .NET with which the software developers write their codes.

Now to the main question: Why do programmers work with dark backgrounds?

There are two aspects that are essential for basically every profession: focus and productivity, and we can all agree that one cannot come without the other. As long as you’re a programmer, no skill is more important to your success than focused and productive work. If you manage to acquire the balance between these two, it will surely skyrocket your career as a software developer and you may even become one of the creative, brainstorming geniuses behind computer programs we’ve all heard about! Luckily, nowadays there are more tweaks and perks than ever which can help you to improve your skills and to finally reach your goal in the IT industry. One of them is the proper choice of your IDE background.

Dark background IDE

More and more programmers are starting to work with dark backgrounds as they are recognizing the benefits of setting them up on their integrated development environment (IDE). Many developers point out as an #1 advantage precisely the focus improvement as the dark screen is helping them to concentrate their eyes for a longer period of time and also for their brain to keep more attention on the work at hand. In fact, real researches have been made to understand why actually it is easier to write a code on dark screen with lighter text. As of today, more than 70% of software developers are coding on dark themed IDE.

In summary

Programming is a creative profession, just like art and music, and without full determination and focus, the chances of success in the industry are set to minimum. Software development depends on your visual productivity and if your eyes are getting tired from the white background of your IDE, your brain will also keep you away from the screen. The alternative is to choose dark backgrounds for long-term usage, which usually is the case with coding. They improve the focus, which automatically results in increased productivity by consecutively boosting the overall performance of the software engineer and helping him along his path in the IT industry. Ultimately, it is up to your personal preference to choose what color scheme or background is best suited for your productive work!

Dark mode on any website

Unlike most of developers’ programs, nearly all websites on the internet lack dark mode. Setting up dark IDE to be more productive is the right way, but you still need to access various websites that help you in your work such as GitHub, documentation like PHP and etc. Those websites lack the dark themes necessary to have dark mode enabled throughout your workflow which can be irritating.

In order to prevent that, Night Eye can be installed to provide a smooth and consistent dark mode on nearly any website.

Night Eye offers tons of customization options such as filters like brightness, dim, blue light and etc. You can go even further by linking up your OS mode with Night Eye. Night Eye comes with 3 months of completely free trial with no credit card or actually any personal data required. All you need to do is install it on your preferred browser and enjoy the dark mode.

Preview of Night Eye on popular programming languages documentations

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