LinkedIn dark mode – be professional while avoiding eye strain

linkedin dark mode
LinkedIn is the leading social media platform for professionals. If you are a working professional, the chances are that you most likely are aware of what Linkedin is and you already have profile. LinkedIn allows its users to build their professional profile as well as go out into the world to look for a new job, new prospects or new leads. It is an excellent service for employers who want to post jobs and find new talent.

Linkedin is a place where people usually spend quite a lot of time - browsing, building up their profile, reaching out to other professionals, discussing and keeping up with brands. One of the biggest drawback for everyone that uses the platform on a daily basis is the lack of dark theme. Browsing late at night or in low light environment can take a toll on your eyes and cause you headache and eyestrain.

The history of the website

LinkedIn has its roots back in the year 2002 at its foundation on December 28. At the time of its launch on May 5, 2003, this social media platform mainly focused on the social network service of professional networking. The next year, it reached approximately one million users and ten million users in 2007 from all over the globe. Moreover, it also introduced its mobile application in the year 2008.
In the year 2015, the significant revenue of LinkedIn came from its sales professionals. It is a fantastic social media platform that carries its operations through websites and mobile applications. According to the survey of June 2019, LinkedIn has more than 645 million registered members from a total of 200 countries. The headquarters of LinkedIn is in California. Moreover, it has a total of 33 offices throughout the world. The CEO of LinkedIn is a renowned American businessman, Jeff Weiner. The management of LinkedIn includes competent and proficient executives from Microsoft, PayPal, Google, and Yahoo, etc. In short, LinkedIn is not only best for employers and recruiters but for the expert professionals and college graduates as well.

Short profile of the visitors

LinkedIn targets every member of the global workforce, so, its target audience includes professionals from all over the globe. According to the statistics of 2019, about 43 percent of LinkedIn users are female, and 57 percent are males. Both men and women have different engagement habits with this site. Moreover, the people with the age of 30 to 49 years use LinkedIn. The percentage of such people is 37 percent

Interesting facts about LinkedIn

  • About half of US adults with college degrees use LinkedIn
  • Every user of LinkedIn spend an average of 6 minutes and 7 seconds on it
  • According to the survey reports, LinkedIn has listed more than 30 million companies on its platform.
  • According to Social Media Examiner, LinkedIn has become the second most popular online platform among business to business marketers.
  • It has become one of the world's most influential social media channels of this year.

What content can be found on LinkedIn

The content of LinkedIn includes the profiles of both employers and workers. Brands, news outlets, influencers are all part of the ecosystem that contribute to the content creation and distribution on the platform. Relationships are built and strengthened. Professional discussion and long form publications are also part of rich and useful information users can get they hands on while on the website. By using LinkedIn, a person can not only post a job but can also find the right position, internship program, course, and training. In short, LinkedIn not only provides talent and sales solutions but also offers various marketing and learning solutions.

LinkedIn dark mode

Although the dark mode is on the rise, there are no official confirmations that the company plans to launch a dark theme or that they plan to develop it at all. For most of us, who either prefer dark mode or have visual impairments, such outlook doesn’t look good. Not using Linkedin for most of us is not an option, so there needs to be other solution that will allow users to enjoy smooth and soothing dark theme while browsing the website.

If you prefer to have dark mode on LinkedIn, try out the browser extension Night Eye. It is quick to set up and easy to use extension that brings great dark mode on LinkedIn and any other websites. Check out some previews bellow and try it - it is completely free for 3 months - no credit card is required.
linkedin dark mode
linkedin dark mode
linkedin dark mode
linkedin dark mode