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How to enable Reddit dark mode

Reddit is a fascinating platform that allows you to interact and connect with people using communities designed as ‘Subreddits.’ It’s so much fun browsing, exploring, and commenting on topics that interest you. But doing all of these things on a boring white background for hours can hurt the eyes and cause digital eye strain. 

Thanks to the in-built Reddit dark mode, you can ease the stress on your eyes while browsing on Reddit. The Reddit dark mode, previously called Reddit night mode, was released in 2018. However, it has its limitations. This guide will share the many techniques for using Reddit dark mode across all your devices. 

Why Should you enable Reddit dark mode?

We spend many hours mindlessly scrolling and commenting on hundreds of stories on Reddit. This can be concerning as hours spent in front of a screen increases our exposure to blue light filters. No wonder we often deal with headaches, burning eyes, itchy eyes, and neck and shoulder pain after hours of squinting at a glaring white screen. 

A dark mode is an exceptional tool that transforms your default dark text on a white screen into a light color text on a comfort-inducing dark screen. With dark mode, you can say goodbye to itchy eyes, burning eyes, headaches, and even neck and shoulder pain. This is because your eyes no longer feel like bleeding after hours spent on Reddit. 

The benefits of enabling dark mode on Reddit

The most significant benefit of using Reddit dark mode is that it protects you from the amount of white and blue light rays that your screens release. These blue light rays have been linked to many problems, including sleep challenges. The Reddit dark mode will foster good physical health and well-being by reducing eye strain and headaches. But there are many more reasons to use the dark theme. Below, we list the benefits of using dark mode on Reddit:

  1. The dark mode is comfortable at nighttime.

When browsing on Reddit at night, the default white background is a turnoff. Dark mode goes easy on the eyes so that you can enjoy your favorite Subreddits without eye fatigue. 

  1. Dark mode makes it easier to read. 

The large dark areas on your interface help bring focus to the words before you. Hence it decreases the amount of light radiated by your device display while allowing just the correct color contrast ratios to elevate your reading pleasures. 

  1. Dark mode leads to better sleep.

With the Reddit dark mode, you can enjoy your night surfing on the Reddit platform and still fall asleep quickly when it is time to do so. Dark mode minimizes blue light rays released from your screen, leading to healthier levels of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. 

When Reddit dark mode is to be avoided

Dark mode is a fantastic tool. But sometimes, it’s not ideal to turn on the dark mode.  Fortunately, you can always easily change your screen to the default light Reddit background and back to the Reddit dark mode with a single tap or swipe. Here are some instances where you shouldn’t use dark mode.

  • Not suitable for lighter environments 

Dark mode can cause eye strain if you are working in brighter surroundings. This is because the white text on a dark background appears blurry making it harder for your eyes to focus. 

  • Not suitable for reading in the sun

Reading in the dark mode would be almost impossible outdoors during the day. Hence you should toggle over to the light theme during the daytime, especially outdoors. 

How to enable Reddit dark mode on the Web

It’s so easy to use Reddit dark mode on the web. The process is the same whether you use a Chrome browser, Firefox, Edge, or Safari browser. Follow the prompts below to start enjoying the Reddit dark mode. 

  • In your browser, open Reddit at
  • Click on the profile icon in the top right corner. This opens a menu where you can find “dark mode.”
  • Tap the button next to the crescent moon to turn on or off dark mode. 
reddit dark modereddit dark modereddit dark mode

How to enable dark mode on old Reddit

There is no built-in dark mode for the old Reddit design. You will need to use a browser extension like Night Eye. Night Eye is a fascinating tool that transforms your Reddit website page alongside other web pages into a gorgeous dark environment that goes easy on your eyes. Follow the prompts to start using Night Eye dark mode on the old Reddit design. 

  • At the bottom of this article, you will find prompts to install Night Eye on your browser.
  • Click the icon representing your browser (for example, the Chrome icon). It will instantly take you to your browser e-store (for example, the Chrome browser extension store).
  • Next, select “Add,” and Night Eye starts transforming your web pages into a beautiful dark design. 
  • Now visit the Old Reddit using and start enjoying your soothing and comforting dark background. 
old reddit dark modeold reddit before dark modeold reddit dark mode

How to enable Reddit dark mode on iPhone

Below are the steps to enable Reddit dark mode on iPhone:

  • Open your Reddit app. Go to your profile avatar on the top left or top right corner
  • At the bottom of the menu, you will find the “Settings” option and a moon icon next to it. 
  • Choose the moon icon
  • This automatically switches your background to the dark mode and will remain so until you turn it off. 


How to enable Reddit dark mode on Android

On your Android smartphone, follow the steps to enable dark mode on Reddit

  • On the Reddit app, tap your profile avatar on the top right or top left corner 
  • Next go to the bottom of the menu and select “settings.”
  • Scroll to the Dark Mode section.
  • Now switch off the ‘Auto Dark Mode’ option by turning off “Follow OS Setting”.
  • Go back to the main screen and re-select the profile avatar. 
  • Like before, go to the bottom of the menu. You will now see a crescent moon icon, next to the “Settings” option. 
  • Choose the moon icon
  • The moon icon instantly turns on the Reddit dark mode. It will remain on until you turn it off by re-tapping the crescent moon.

Enable dark mode on any website

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