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Update 10.03.2020

There is no point of stating how important Wikipedia is to the global society. It is the largest free hub of information that you can find and learn from on the Internet. Being perfectly aware of the importance it plays, we constantly monitor and try to provide the best and the smoothest dark mode for Wikipedia. Our goal is to help learners and curious minds to be able to spend as much time as they want without experiencing watery eyes or headaches.

Bellow you will find a detailed guides on how to enable Wikipedia Night mode for iOS and Android. If you prefer reading and learning on your desktop - Night Eye is the right browser extension for you.

Does Wikipedia have Dark Mode?

The short answer is yes and no! The rise of the dark mode is somewhat recent trend and big organizations are slower to adjust. Thus we might expect Wikipedia to offer night mode throughout its apps and website, but not just yet. Here is a quick guide on the current status and what you can do to have night mode enabled everywhere.

Yes, Wikipedia has built in dark mode when it comes to its smarphone apps!

Last year Wikipedia pushed updates to its Android and iOS apps and implemented night mode as s standard feature. Not only the whole UI can be switched to dark or black, but the app also allows you to dim the images. By doing that, Wikipedia is making the whole night mode experience more smooth and complete.

“Dark mode! Read in comfort with new Appearance controls, including dark colors and image dimming. Make those late night Wikipedia sessions easier on the eyes.”

No, the website offers no built-in dark mode.

You are on your own. Or… are you?

What are the pros to using Wikipedia Dark Mode?

Wikipedia Dark Mode is a new feature that has been added to the Wikipedia website. It’s a dark mode which is designed for reading and it was introduced to encourage more people to read Wikipedia.Pros:
  • Dark Mode is easier on your eyes and it’s better for your health, especially if you have light sensitivity or suffer from migraines.
  • It helps with reading comprehension by making the text easier to read and understand.
  • Wikipedia Dark Mode makes it easier for people with vision impairments such as blindness or low vision, by providing them with an alternative option that can be used in conjunction with screen reader software.
  • Wikipedia Dark Mode makes reading feel more like a library experience where people are immersed in the content they are reading without distractions.

Why do some people want to use Wikipedia Dark Mode?

Wikipedia is a free, online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. The dark mode on Wikipedia is a design feature that allows the user to view articles in an easier-to-read format. It's not just for late night reading! Instead, it's designed to make articles easier to read and comprehend. The dark mode was originally introduced as a beta feature back in July of 2018. Since then, it has been viewed more than 1 million times and has been added to the default settings on many devices.

How is the dark mode different from a regular Wikipedia page?

Dark mode is a feature on Wikipedia that changes the color scheme of the website to make it easier to read in low-light settings. It can be turned on or off at any time by clicking the icon in the top right corner of your screen. Dark mode is different from regular Wikipedia pages because it has a different color scheme that makes it easier to read, which is why many people prefer using dark mode instead of reading on a regular Wikipedia page.

How are people using the dark mode on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a great place to find information on the internet. It’s also a great place to read content in dark mode. The dark mode is designed to make it easier for users with light sensitivity and others who want to use the internet late at night or in low-light conditions. The feature has been widely popular and has been used by many people across the world, especially those who work during the night shift or have other reasons for using it.

Do Wikipedia's editors agree with the use of Dark Mode?

Wikipedia has been using Dark Mode since 2017, but many people are not aware of this change. The editors argue that they are not sure if Dark Mode was created with the intention of making Wikipedia easier to read or if it was just an accident.Wikipedia's editors have mixed feelings about Dark Mode because they don't know what its purpose is. They argue that it might be an accident, but they also think it might be a way to make Wikipedia easier to read and understand.

What other sites have adopted a dark mode for their online content?

Dark mode has been adopted by a few popular sites such as Twitter, Reddit, and Quora.Dark mode is a feature that makes websites look more appealing and user-friendly. It is not just limited to the aesthetics of the website but also helps users have better experiences in using the site.

How to enable Wikipedia Dark Mode?

Download Wikipedia for iOS

Wikipedia Dark Mode for iOS

  1. In the top left corner of the app there is a small gearwheel - click it.
  2. Find Reading preferences.
  3. Choose Sepia, Dark or Black. Default is not an option, because it is that bright white you would like to keep away from your eyes.
  4. Dim images is an additional option. You can find it beneath Reading Themes. We strongly suggest to turn it on, your eyes will thank you for that!

Wikipedia Dark Mode for Android

Download Wikipedia for Android

  1. In the top right corner of the app, there are 3 dots - click them.
  2. Find Settings and than App theme.
  3. Sepia is not available option, so you can choose from either Dark or Black.
  4. Image dimming is an additional option. It is beneath the theme color. You can be sure that the late night reading is better when the images are dimmed, so go ahead and turn it on.

Wikipedia Dark Mode for Web

  1. Install the Night Eye - dark mode extension. Pick the browser your are currently using
  2. Once installed, Night Eye automatically will enable night mode on nearly any website, but most importantly - Wikipedia.
  3. You can dim the images as well and enjoy the same smooth dark experience as on your smartphone. Simply click the extension icon. You will find many other filters that will allow you to customise how websites look, but dimming is what you are currently looking for. Select the dimming level you enjoy. Unlike the smartphone feature, Night Eye allows you to control it.

Night Eye enables night mode on nearly any website. Protect your eyes when browsing/working late at night. All you need to do is install it and forget it!

Image source - Wikimedia Commons

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